Sunday, 20 October 2013


Greetings All!

A few months ago I got myself some Spectraflair. This is a magic little holographic pigment that can be used to make any polish a linear holo! I've been messing around with it for a few months (with mixed results!), but I wanted to show you an intensely holographic topcoat I made, and actually got pictures of! Please excuse the flash/less than excellent quality, I'm just pretty happy that my camera recognised the holo!

Full on rainbow! How cool is that?! I've probably made this one a smidge too strong, as it does hide the base colour somewhat. It's insanely holo though and I love it! I'm wearing it over W7 Black here - one coat of black, and one coat of holo. The lazy person in me likes that!

I'll be back later, with a little haul post!


  1. Really good holo there, is there such a thing as too strong?! Lol!

    1. Thank you!

      Apparently if you add too much it just goes silver? I don't know, this one really covers the base colour quite a bit, but the holo effect is pretty glorious!

  2. This is beautiful!! I don't think its too strong! I would love to see it over a red polish! I want a red holo so bad!

    1. Lol I've worn it over red before - it looks gorgeous! I didn't think my camera would be able to take pictures! I should have tried...


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