Thursday, 3 October 2013

UK Indies - Pocket Money Polishes - The October Collection

Greetings All!

Today I have something rather special for you. Charlie's October collection launches tomorrow at 6pm here, but I have swatches of the whole collection to tempt you with! This post does quite picture heavy, so I won't waste your time by waffling on - let's get straight to the lovelies!

Can't Buy Me Love is a fun mix of pink, purple and yellow. I've swatched it here over Sally Hansen The Sky's The Limit, and Revlon Minted. 2 coats.

I just love it over this sky blue! It looks so colourful and vivid.

It looks much softer over the pale green. The purple hearts were very easy to find and I had no trouble getting them on the nail.

Roxanne is a vampy mix of red, black and gunmetal, with plenty of holo! 2 coats here over Sally Hansen Dorian Grey and No7 So Simple.

The gunmetal glitter has a peppery rainbow effect I just love! There is lots of colour and sparkle in this one, and it's perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Don't Stop Me Now is a mix of primary colours (one of my favourite colour mixes for glitter!) with some pink, and some holographic stars. 2 coats over white and Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue.

Charlie and I have a bit of a running joke about navy polish - when I swatched Born In The USA, I assumed it would look best over black, but in the end it looked best over navy. So now it's a bit like it's usurped black as the best glitter base! And I keep coming back to it, a little bit annoyed at how good it is.

Zombie has a special place in my collection. I was pestering Charlie about Halloween polishes, and the idea was born of a zombie polish - lots of green, with pink flowers, to look like brains (this is why I don't design my own polishes!). I'm not sure if the idea comes across, but it's a really cute polish! 2 coats over Black and OPI Jade Is The New Black.

Braaaiiins? Maybe not - you have to use your imagination! Very cute though.

I also have 2 extra special polishes to show you. These are Charlie's first foray into coloured polishes!

The Chain

White Satin

I wasn't sure what to expect from these - the frosty shimmer isn't really my favourite finish, but I'm very pleasantly surprised! I especially love The Chain - it has a gothic, mystical quality to it that is just beautiful. I used 3 coats for each swatch, and application was very good - I was worried about brush strokes, but they are minimal!

To round things off, I have 2 swatches of polishes that aren't brand new, but I believe will be restocked on Friday.

2 coats of Breakfast At Tiffany's over Models Own Grape Juice and black.

This one is very girly and pretty, but it has a bit of an edge to it! I especially like it over black!

P.I.M.P is an obscenely sparkly, blingy mix of gold and silver, again with plenty of holo goodness! A mere 1 coat over black and Collection 2000 Parma Violet.

This is only 1 light coat - this polish is absolutely packed with glitter! A real party polish.

Charlie has done it once again - a collection with something for everyone, a great variety of little sparklies!

The October Collection launches Friday October 4th at 6pm here. Polishes are £4 each.


  1. Wow these are so versatile... and I love the 'brains' Hehe, don't give up on the polish designing career just yet :). Don't stop me now is amazing (possibly helps that I LOVE the song haha)... and weirdly makes me think of superheroes, especially over the navy.

    1. Ooh me too! It's very superhero-y, with the primary colours and the stars!

  2. You are so awesome to swatch these colors over two different base colors! Awesome!

    1. Thank you!

      I'm just indecisive lol. Plus PMPs are usually very versatile, and I like to try and show that.


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