Monday, 28 October 2013

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33DC Day 15 - Animals (And New UK Indies!)

Greetings All!

Once again, I'm late with this challenge! My post scheduling for last week didn't quite work out, so I have animal nails for you now, and South American nails for you later!

UK indie polishes are now popping up all over the place (I can't keep up!), and today I've incorporated some polishes from FatPussPolish, a new UK indie brand. Yes, you read that right. Nail polish and cats! Fortunately their creator Jessica is a crazy cat lady (like myself!), and not some cynical polish maker who has been looking at a Venn diagram of women who like cats and polish! I know as soon as I saw these, cat labels and all, I could not resist!

Don't worry, there is nail art too!

Lucky Black Cat, 2 coats over black. I have 2 black cats myself (who live fairly fortunate lives!) so of course I had to have this. The beautiful iridescent glitter didn't hurt, either!

I have quite a few cat stamps, so this seemed like the purrfect opportunity (I'm sorry) to use them! I attempted to make a decal so I could 'flip' the cat and have them hissing at each other, but he got a little bit misshapen. Poor kitty!

One of my lucky black cats, Pandora.

Blue Russian, 2 coats over white (although I'm not convinced the undies were needed). This is such a fresh, clean polish, and I really enjoyed wearing it! My third cat isn't a Blue Russian by any means, but he is grey!

I think he's trying to flip me off here

Such a pretty polish could only be adorned by Hello Kitty! My favourite is obviously the skull and crossbone kitty.

Ginger Tom, 2 coats over SH Buttercup. Although in a yellow base, this one is very sheer, so undies were needed. A very cute 'ginger' mix! We did have a ginger tom when I was growing up (Tigger), so these all have sentimental value!

Some more cute (if slightly bog-eyed) kitties! I actually had more cat stamps than I thought!

 See You At The Rainbow Bridge, 2 coats over SH Dorian Grey (although again, I'm not convinced he was needed). Such a pretty polish for such a sad (I think) theme. I can't even think about this poem without crying, but I do love this polish!

My favourite 2 cat stamps.

Overall, I loved these polishes! I still get a little nervous with new indie brands - maybe that sounds a bit mean, but I wouldn't necessarily expect people to create perfect polish right from the beginning! The formula on all of these was very good, with a near perfect distribution of glitter with very little effort. And the cat factor? Well that doesn't hurt at all!

You can buy FatPuss Polish here


  1. Wowzers, love that glitter at the end, it's so pretty! And I really love the pic of your cat snuggled up with two big cats, awwh!

    1. Pandy loves to hide among my tigers!

  2. So...this post is pretty much too cute overload! I have no idea where to start! I just love it!

    1. Thank you!

      Cats and polish are a great mix! Although obviously not literally lol


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