Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Nail Junkie Halloween Collection

Greetings All!

I have previously shown you Jack o' Lantern, and today I have three more Halloween polishes from The Nail Junkie. These are last year's collection - there have since been three additions that I do not own (yet. Hopefully one day!).

Black Cat is a black jelly, with black and holographic glitter. Stupidly I wore three coats alone - I should have layered it over an orange or green!

It would also look good over red - so many opportunities wasted!

Candy Corn is a pretty, delicate white crelly with yellow and orange glitter. This is 2 coats solo.

This polish definitely looks good enough to eat! I also think you could get away with this one all year round!

Frankenstein is black glitter in a green base. It dried quite matte, and I took a few pictures without topcoat because I thought it had quite a good 'monstrous' look to it!

I think it looks a bit like monster skin. Here it is with topcoat.

I think I prefer it without topcoat!

You can buy Nail Junkie polishes here.

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