Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nail Lacquer UK - My Little Pony Collection!

Greetings All!

Tonight I finally have a post that's been waiting for over a week! I had a little splurge at Nail Lacquer UK a couple of weeks ago, including five polishes from her My Little Pony Inspired collection (I would have liked to get them all, but I have to have some self-control don't I?!)

I was a big fan of MLP as a child - I had loads of them. This was back in the early/mid 90s, so they didn't look the same as they do now. I much prefer the older style!

I didn't need to use undies for any of these polishes - they all built up in 2 or 3 easy coats. There is a sort of glitter 'theme' running through these polishes (pink, blue, yellow, black and white), but they are all still different enough, with different variations, especially with the different coloured bases as they highlight different colours.

First up is Applejack. This was a Pony I remember having! She had apples on her rump. I also had a baby Applejack, I believe. This is 3 coats.

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I love the little charms that come on all Nail Lacquer polishes. They're such a cute touch! I thought this polish might end up being nude, but it's a delicate peach crelly. The glitter mix feels quite...retro, which is why they make me think more of the old style ponies (apparently they're called G1 i.e first generation). This polish went on very well, and I've got a good build up of glitter!

Princess Cadance is apparently one of the newer ponies. I couldn't resist the pretty pink base with black hearts though! 2 coats.

You can see that although it does have the same basic glitter mix, it looks very different with pink. I also love the addition of black hearts!

Rarity also appear to be a newer pony, although there was some confusion when I fell into the hole of custom MLPs. I spent a good few hours down there, wide eyed with wonder! I'm so tempted to try having a go myself! This is 3 coats.


This is a much softer, more gentle polish. Even with the black shards I find it to be quite calming!

Firefly is a bit different - an off-white crelly with pink and blue microglitter. 2 coats.


I really like this one - the little specks of glitter are so cute, and I think they look gorgeous in the pale base! I also think the amount is pretty perfect - not too much glitter to make it too busy, just enough for that lovely speckled look. I'm also happy that this is a G1 pony! I can't remember if I had this one or not though...

Lastly is Pony Me, a glitter topper. This is 1 coat, plus a few touch ups, over Models Own Blueberry Muffin.

This topper is so packed full of glitter, it's insane! And so many stars...I think there were about 20 on my nails in the end! Love it. 1 coat was almost enough, but I just had a couple of bald spots I topped up.

You can buy Nail Lacquer UK polish here, where shes does still have some MLP polishes! AJ, thank you for the nostalgia!


  1. OMG so much yum! I adore all of these, so hard to pick a favourite out of all the ones you've featured, but I already adore Firefly and Princess Cadance is beautiful too. <3 x

    1. I think those 2 might edge slightly ahead as my favourites, but it's tough to choose! It was also tough to just pick these 5!


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