Sunday, 27 October 2013

TarasTalons Halloweekend

Greetings All!

I'm baaack! The whole post scheduling didn't quite go to plan, so things have been a bit quiet here the last couple of days. That's changing today!

TarasTalons has definitely won Halloween. Her polishes have been so creative and varied, So many different shapes, colours and sizes of glitter I can't even begin to count! Some have been fabulously seasonal; some can be used all year round! And there has been quantity. So much quantity. She's been churning them out like a polish machine! And I've been buying them nearly as quickly lol.

This weekend I'm showing you the remaining swatches of my TarasTalons Halloween polishes. Split into two parts, because there are quite a few!

Death Star. Such a bottle of awesomeness! Full of fabulous things, like skulls, stars, circles, and big hexes. Minimal fishing too - this is 2 coats (over SH Model Behavior), and the glitters were jumping onto the brush! A perfect glitter topper.

Killer Clown. Colourful shreds in a white crelly base. I've layered 2 coat over white here to make the colours really pop, but that probably isn't necessary. Already I am regretting only getting a small bottle! These are also the good, well-behaved shreds that sit nicely and don't spike up all over your nail (mentioning no names *cough* Models Own).

 Crypt. Another rainbow topper?! You bet. I cannot get enough rainbow in my life! And this one is happy! It has a beautiful glow to it. And yes, I love rainbow, so there! This is 2 coats over Revlon Cupid.

Bonus shot! Matte.

Starry Death. This is one I named myself, and I didn't do very well! I needed to buy it before someone else bagged these stars in a red jelly base. After some time to ponder, I think I would now name it 'Blood Type: Star' or 'I Bleed Glitter'. Something like that. Anyway, there was no way I wasn't going to love star glitter in a jelly base. This is 2 coats over SH Right Said Red, just one coat to keep it a little sheer. I love the pink stars that have been covered by the second coat of polish - such a fun look!

Bewitched. I did have a couple of issues with this one. I was so ready to love this radioactive looking mix, but the stars are very friendly, and just would not let go of each other! So I have a few star clumps. Next time I'll know to apply them carefully! The pumpkin glitter, apart from making me very happy just by it's existence, wasn't too bad to apply. It's a big old piece of glitter, and it did require some extra topcoat, but it did sit relatively flat, and it wasn't the nightmare I had envisioned! I've used 2 coats here, over Barry M Gelly in Mango.

Blackheart. Another polish I named myself, poorly. Another red jelly base, this time more cherry than pink-toned, with black holo hearts. Classic, although I didn't use enough topcoat to get them smooth (my bad, not the polish!).

Otherwordly, 2 coats over SH Dorian Grey. This polish is so sharp and noisy, and I love it! The black shards seems especially spiky and lethal, and I like the combination of matte glitter, with blue sparkle. And more holo hearts! They're quite subtle here though, as those shards are the real star!

Trick Or Treat. I choose treat! Another rainbow-y glitter, but relying heavily on rosy pink, turquoisey blue and a dusty lilac purple, with those familiar pops of primary colours. Cute, different enough so that I don't need to justify it, and with a lovely depth from 2 coats.

Bonus shot! Matte. Stunning.

As you can see, Tara has created a huge range of polishes, with something for (nearly) everyone! If you don't like glitter, you might struggle, but then why are you reading my blog?! Lol it's nothing but glitter!

If you can cope, there will be another swatch post this evening! Tara still has a few Halloween polishes left, that a) are in her sale, and b) you can name yourself. If you need a third reason, you haven't been paying attention lol.


  1. Goodness me, you are quite right that Tara is a polish making machine! All of these are lovely and your swatches are great

    1. Thank you!

      I honestly don't know how she has enough time to do everything that she does!

  2. Wow, I adore these! Especially death star, otherworldly and trick or treat. I should really stop reading your blog cos all it makes me want to do is go out and buy soooo many indies!!! <3 xx

    1. Haha I'm sorry! Hopefully you have more self-control than me lol


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