Thursday, 31 October 2013

UK Indies - Iconic Effect Halloween Polishes

Greetings All!

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have something suitably ghastly planned!

October is also officially UK Indie Month, so today I'm combining the two and bringing you Halloween indies!

Iconic Effect has become very popular since it launched this Summer. Their holo topcoats are always sold out, and they have a very professional looking range of holos, glitter toppers and glitter sandwiches.

So let's have a look at their Halloween polishes, shall we?

Haunted House is a classic all-the-Halloween-colours glitter topper. The only problem with these polishes is that it's hard to find another suitably seasonal base color to use! I went with OPI The 'It' Color, and put 2 coats of Haunted House on top.

I like the combination of shards, stars and sparklies in this. It's tough to makes an original polish with a narrow colour palette, but this is very pretty.

Dexter was a must have for me. I found the show incredibly pretentious, Dexter is an awful 'anti-hero' (what about his parenting skills?!), and the ending seemed like \a bit of an afterthought. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the show, and yet I still used to watch it every week (mostly for Deb. She rocks!). However, polish that is blood spatter in a bottle? Gimme!. 2 coats over white.

Love this! What's not to like?!

Finally Unicorn Blood. My mum is adamant that this is from Harry Potter, and so nothing to do with Halloween, but I put it to her (and you) that HP did not invent the concept of unicorns having blood, and anything with blood in the title is fine for Halloween! 2 coats over black.

A classic red glitter, 'indified' with some shards and large hexes. Of course I love red glitter, and I own several, but this one is the most interesting.

You can buy Iconic Effect polish here. Dexter and Unicorn Blood are still in stock!


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