Sunday, 27 October 2013

TarasTalons Halloweekend II

Greetings All!

This evening I have even more swatches from TarasTalons Halloween collections! With all the Halloween polishes I now have, I can keep it spooky all year round. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for bat glitter next year though. I've seen Christmas polishes containing snowflake and bell glitter, and I'm really hoping the crazy-shaped glitter keeps coming!

Back to Halloween. In total I bought more than 20 polishes from Tara. That's quite a lot really, isn't it. I'm going with the excuse that I just love Halloween so much! And Tara really made a huge effort with her collections.

Eerie, 2 coats over black. Pumpkin glitter again! And orange this time - perfect. I was clever and fished them out before I 'glittered' my nails, let them sit for a few minutes on my larger nails, then pushed them gently into the polish a little bit. This worked really well! 2 coats of glitter on top plus topcoat, and they were only slightly bumpy. Result!

Confident after my success with Eerie, I really went for full on pumpkinicity with Macabre. They were slightly too big for my index and little finger though. However, I now feel I've mastered the technique of pumpkin glitter! This is 2 coats over Barry M Gelly in Mango.

Continuing with the fabulous shaped glitter, three skull and crossbone glitters! Phantom has a gorgeous holo sparkle, to match the pink holo skulls that are probably my favourite variation. I also love my 'accent' nail - three big pink hexes on my ring finger. This is just 2 coats over Barry M Turquoise - the skulls came jumping out of the bottle!

More pink holo skulls (I didn't have enough, OK?), this time the stars among black, white and grey. I love the mix of this glitter, they all work so beautifully together (even the bars!). This is 2 coats over Beauty UK Jelly Bean, which I bought because it was advertised as a matte polish. It isn't at all, barely even a satin finish, but it has still become a favourite!

Skeleton is a stunning yet simple mix. So many fabulous white glitters in one polish, with a touch of baby pink. It's very pretty and girly, even with the skulls! I found the skull glitter fairly easy to smooth out - I would say they're on a par with stars. Although bigger than star glitter, it's only really the bones that stick up, and a bit of placement/turning can minimise that. 2 coats over Barry M Bright Purple - I've been impressed with how little fishing I've had to do with these polishes!

Putrid Potion (which I named myself!), 2 coats over an olive coloured Miss Sporty polish. This was much less opaque than I though it was going to be. Unfortunately I didn't quite have the right green to match with it, and this was as close as I could get. I think the black glitter looks especially good over the green. It reminds me a bit of a slimy toad!

Where The Bodies Are Buried (named by me!), 2 coats over Calvin Klein Gray Purple. Another colour explosion (I just can't resist them), this one feels quite cold from all the tiny flecks of silver. It's quite strange - a cold rainbow. Spooky! So where are the bodies buried? Under one of those bits of glitter. You'll never find them!

You Witch!, 2 coats. I would say this is a classic TarasTalons polish - rich colour, and absolutely laden with sparkle. This is such a lovely dark green colour, and I know I'll be coming back to this one through Autumn and Winter!

Witching Hour (named by me!), 2 coats. I was initially disappointed with the amount of red glitter, but the purple base is just sheer enough to get a wonderful depth of red sparkle with 2 coats. I think this might be the least glittery polish from the collections, which is another clue to why I bought so many! I am a total glitter fiend!

You can buy TarasTalons polishes here. As well as also stocking nail art bits, Tara has recently added all kinds of new products, such as hand cream, cuticle oil, and matte topcoat!


  1. Omg omg omg so much pretty! I totally adore all of these, they're all stunning in different ways. Looove the skull glitter!

    1. Exactly, that's why I had to have them all lol. I'll be wearing skull glitter all year round!

  2. SO JEALOUS. I am so tempted by Tara's polishes but I am trying to wait until I get my calendar out in December.

    1. Oh, I can't wait 'til December! It's going to be the best calendar EVER!


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