Thursday, 21 February 2013

Boots Seventeen Textured Polishes!!

Greetings All! This post is picture heavy!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to look for the new Seventeen Textured Polishes. Fortunately my local Boots had a big display of them! I was planning on only getting red and grey, but they were buy one get one half price, so my mum very kindly got me all four! (Thanks mum!)

Somehow I managed to swatch them all yesterday, but by the time I had done that and edited all the pictures, it was late and I was too tired to post! So I'm bringing them to you today.

By the way, I have also filed my nails down a bit, in an effort to match them to my shortest nail on my other hand. Previously I had one hand with long nails and one with short! Now they are a little more even.

Grey, Black, Blue and Red (they were very imaginative with the titles! Still, you know what you're getting!). Each bottle is £3.99 for 10ml, but as I said, they are currently on offer.

A little bit of housekeeping. All swatches are 2 coats. They went on easily, dried quickly, and have a definite textured effect, both in look and feel. They look like normal polish when you paint them on, and the textured effect develops as they dry!

First up is Black. Wah, look at that texture! I plan to do a comparison with Nails Inc Leather polish, but for now, this is much more textured and 'grainy'. It also isn't quite as matte as Nails Inc. The bottle claims it is matte, but as you can see there is still quite a bit of shine to it. Apart from that, it is a very similar effect at a much lower price! It's very 'Rock' and I love it!

Next is Grey. This is only a few shades lighter than Black, a very grungy dark grey. Warmer than Black, the texture really works with this colour. I was expecting it to look like concrete, but it's actually much softer looking, almost like suede! Again, a really lovely polish. I'm so glad that this seems to be a massive trend at the moment because I am loving the look and feel!

Blue was the only shade I had any issues with. First, staining. It was terrible! Blue always stains my nails, and this was no different. I was careful in painting my nails, as I didn't really know what cleanup would be like (apart from this one, it was easy!), so this is with minimal cleanup efforts. I was just trying to even out the tops of my nails (or base?) but every time I touched the polish with acetone, it flooded my cuticles! As you can see, eventually I just gave up! I'll have to be super careful with application in the future! Also, it dries MUCH darker than in the bottle. It's not a bad colour, but I kind of wanted the blue in the bottle. This is, like, indigo! I also should probably have put on another coat, as some bits are darker than others. Apart from that it's very nice, and I really like how the texture works with this colour.

And finally, Red. Red was the shade I instantly had to have! While I'm not too excited about the Barry M pastel colours, this is still more rock and roll but quite a bit brighter than the other three. The only thing I would change is to make it slightly darker and redder. This is quite orange, not quite as bad as in the pictures but still a very orangey red. It still rocks though! Like the grey, it looks a little softer than the black, and it's such a different shade from any other textured polish I have seen! The texture is slightly more difficult to pick up on, but I think that's just the colour. It felt the same as the others!

All in all, I love these polishes! Apart from the blue there were no issues with application, and the effect is fantastic. I think they are much more colour appropriate than the pastel Barry Ms, and they are the same price. While not a dupe for the Nails Inc, they are much more reasonably priced, and they do give a similar effect. If you live in the UK, get yourself down to Boots pronto! If you don't (and I am aware that the majority of my readers do not) then I'm so sorry!

All polishes were purchased by my mum (lol) and all opinions are my own.


  1. Mum didn't influence yoru opinion! These look interesting. I wonder if we're going to get them down here in the US.

  2. wow, awesome polishes you have there. The orange one is my favorite. Kiss you.

  3. I'm still not sure about these textured polishes. I like my polish smooth and shiny! Will probably dip a toe in the water though, and I also don't really like the colours of the Barry M ones, so the Seventeen polishes may be the ones I try. I do rather like the red.

  4. i love the black - from your photos it does look the same as the Nails Inc and I would definitely buy as a cheaper alternative!


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