Friday, 1 February 2013

Flip Flop February Challenge Day 1: Gradient or Skittle

Greetings All!

As promised, I am back with another challenge today! The lovely Jillian from Jilltastic Nail Design has a new challenge for February, and as I loved January's so much, I'm doing this one too! In my head it's kind of like one big challenge, so I'm very happy! I like having the parameters because when faced with infinite possibilities I can never decide what to put on my nails! It also takes me out of my comfort zone, which is good for me (especially when it goes well!) and this challenge has DEFINITELY done that already (you'll see on Sunday lol)!

Here is the schedule, and all the details can be found HERE if you want to join in!

Today's choice (yay, choices!) is a gradient or skittle. Unfortunately, I did a skittle gradient last month so I couldn't really combine the two. That's ok though because it means more gradient practice!

This one is a little bit hit and miss! Bits of the sponge stuck to my thumb, I have a cat hair on my ring finger, cleanup was poor, and would you believe me if I said this was 3 colours? No? Well it was! My first time with more than 2 colours! In real life the difference was a little more noticeable. It looked a bit like a rocket lolly. I should have used a darker pink on the tips. I still quite like the general effect though it's a bit like a sunset, or a tequila sunrise!

Colours used were OPI The 'It' Color, an unnamed Miss Sporty Orange and I think OPI Hong Kong Sunrise, but it isn't shimmery (and there's pen on the label lol). It's a pink creme, a bit lighter than Koala Bear-y (which I should have used instead).

So, mixed feelings about this one. Not the best start!

Be sure to check out what others have chosen to do!

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