Monday, 4 February 2013

Flip Flop February Challenge Day 4: One Stroke or Ombre

Greetings All!

I'd like to say a quick thank you to all the lovely people who said such nice things about yesterday's watermarble. I was a little worried about posting it, as it wasn't really up to blogging standard, but it was my first go and I was proud to have even attempted it, and everyone was very lovely about it so, thank you!!

Today, I went for the easy option. I have seen a couple of tuorials on one stroke nails, but they always use acrylic paint, and I'm not quite at that point yet. Using acrylic paint seems to me to take it from painting your nails to full-on art, and I don't think I have the skill for that. Maybe one day! So instead I went for ombre nails. I had a bit of a struggle finding five shades of the same colour. Mostly I either didn't have a dark or light version, or they were all different finishes, and I wanted them to have the same finish (I like things to be matchy-matchy. I struggle with wearing skittles, for example). Anyway, here they are:

Black to white! (Not the same as black and white lol). I quite like this. I wish I'd made it matte though. Next time! Polishes used were: trusty old W7 Black, 17 Smoke Signal (a lovely rich dark grey that stamps), Asda Witchcraft, a mix of Witchcraft and OPI Alpine Snow, and Alpine Snow. It looked a little boring, so I added a coat of China Glaze Whirled Away as an accent. Technically it's not really nail art, but never mind. I think these are the plainest nails I've posted so far!

A little tip I have: I didn't have a light enough shade of grey, so I mixed Witchcraft and Alpine Snow together on my palette. This can be tricky to use as a base colour but I used a polish brush from an old, thrown away bottle. This way you can paint your nails as you normally would! Before, I would try to use a nail art brush, and inevitably fail.

Tomorrow I have something a little bit special planned. It's going to be quite, metal!

Remember to check out what everyone else has done. I'm going to be looking for one stroke tips!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I love the glitter accent nail, this is such a perfect ombre!

  2. This really is a perfect ombre because all the colors are exactly the same tone just different shades! And bless you for using Whirled Away - that crap is a pain!

    1. Thank you! And yeah, it's not the easiest glitter to work with! It wasn't too bad with only one nail though. Just a few quick dabs lol


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