Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sun-Tried-Day - More Glitzology!

Greetings All!

Last month, during The Crumpet's 31 day challenge, I had to use my oldest untried polish. This alerted me to a real problem with my nail polish - more than half of it is completely untried, or has only been swatched or used for a little bit of nail art.

I was kind of horrified by this. It's also very sad - so many pretty polishes sitting there untouched! So I've decided that each Sunday I'm going to try and post a manicure that features at least one untried, preferably as the base colour for some nail art but maybe just plain swatches, maybe I'll use a few for some nail art, that sort of thing. Let these babies get a bit of screen time lol

Today I'm showing you the other two Glitzology polishes I bought in December The first two can be found HERE. These are my first 'real' indie polishes that I bought from etsy.

This is Steel City. Stacy from Glitzology describes it "I made Steel City after numerous requests from my nail clients for a polish in Pittsburgh Steelers colors. This polish features a yellow jelly base, yellow glitters and hexes, matte black glitter, bars, hexes, and diamonds, and matte white glitter and bars." There is also a smattering of holo glitter, just enough that you get tiny flashes of colour.

I forgot it was in a jelly base, so I put it over blue, and it went a bit green. Whoops! The blue is NYC Water Street Blue (another untried!). I'm not quite decided on this one. I got it because I hadn't seen this particular colour combination. Further testing is definitely needed! It reminds me of something, but I can't think what. I can't say I love it, but I can't say I don't like it either. Hmmm...

I've saved my favourite 'til last. This little bottle of magic is Crunch Berries. Stacy writes "This is yet another polish inspired by my unhealthy obsession with junk food, in this case Captain Crunch with crunch berries! This polish features a mix of yellow, red, and blue matte and satin glitter in different sized hexes and squares."

I previously stated that as a general rule, I much prefer full coverage glitters to toppers. Yest I have left this at one coat, over Collection 2000 Dynasty. I didn't want to lose any of the gorgeousness of it by layering it on thick. I love this. Beautiful matte blue and red. Satin-y yellow gives it an extra dimension. Those primary colours's like pop art on my nails. Just stunning. It makes me think of parties, streamers and balloons! Plus, it would look great over so many colours. My first instinct was to put it over black, but I am glad I resisted. The soft pinky lilac of Dynasty really helps the colours pop, I think. This is possibly my favourite of all the glitters I own. Definitely top 3.

Glitzology polishes can be purchased HERE from the lovely Stacy, either as full sized 15ml or mini 5ml. The 15ml bottles are $8.50. I'm not buying polish this month, but in March I will definitely be ordering more! Royal Mail permitting, of course.

Next Sunday...I don't even know. There are so many polishes to choose from!


  1. I love the first one.. it;s so pretty ^^

    1. Thank you it is pretty, and really unusual I think.


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