Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sun-tried-day (part 2) Some W7s!

Greetings All! this post is picture heavy!

Here is part 2. I guess I could have saved these for another week, but I'm trying to power through those untrieds!

Here is what I'm working with, by the way

There are slightly less than that now, buy maybe a dozen bottles! As you can see from the second picture, the polishes on the shelves are about 3 deep so, yeah, it's quite a lot. I'm pretty ashamed to even show you these pictures! I don't deserve nail polish do I!

Onto the W7s. I told you I love this brand! I have used Salt and Pepper twice already last week, and here are two more polishes from the same collection.

This is Lava Flow. Basically Salt and Pepper but with the addition of red glitter. The formula was fantastic: 2 easy coats gave opaque base colour but still allowed the glitter underneath to show through. So cute I absolutely love it! And this time I wasn't tempted to add anything to it. The only thing that would have made it perfect would be matte red glitter. I've used matte top coat here, which has taken away some of the shine, but normally it's quite shiny, especially compared to the matte black. It is gorgeous though.

This is Mosaic. A light, bright blue with navy and gold glitter. Again, 2 coats. This was a little trickier to apply to get the glitter even, but nothing difficult. I don't love this quite as much as the other two. I think it's the colour - I'm not the biggest fan of blue. The name is very fitting though. It does remind me of mosaic tiles. It's quite Grecian looking. Very summery.

Both polishes were under £2 and are, in my opinion, a total bargain. You can buy them HERE in the UK. I'm not sure about internationally, sorry! I can't recommend this brand enough! These, the metallic planets collection, and you probably know I love their black!

Anyone else a W7 fan?

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