Friday, 8 February 2013

Flip Flop February Challenge Day 8: Colour Blocking or Black & White

Greetings All!

Easy choice for me today. I do like a good black and white manicure! I like the simplicity of it, and it's often more sophisticated than bright colours and garish patterns. It's a classier style of nail!

Well, sometimes it's classier lol. This is a polish that is fast climbing my list of favourites, W7 Salt and Pepper. Small black glitter in a white crelly base. Beautiful. The only problem is it's slightly too pale for me to wear on it's own. I usually end up decorating it, when really I want to leave it plain! This is 2 coats, with some roses in W7 Black and OPI Alpine Snow. I'm still not very good at drawing roses lol. It doesn't stop me though I love doing them! They usually look pretty good from normal length. Only this close do they look like random blobs. And yes, I tried out a spiral thing on my thumb. I just wanted to try it. It looks rubbish, I know.

Remember to check out what everyone else has done!


  1. These are sooo neat, kinda trippy! I love them!

  2. These are awesome!! I can't paint flowers to save my life.


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