Sunday, 17 February 2013

Seven Days of Sally Hansen: Bewitched and Purple Pulse

Greetings All! This post is picture heavy!

Well,what a week it's been! Ten polishes in seven days, a smaller untried pile, and a lot of beautiful shades! Today I have two colours from Fragrance Direct to show you. As ever there is a plain swatch and some nail art!

First up is Bewitched. This is quite different to the other shades I have shown you - it's a rich, deep, aubergine colour that almost went on in one coat. It's dark and vampy and sumptuous. Here, take a look!

Mmm isn't she pretty? Just my kind of colour too! (Why do I always like the colours that are hardest to clean up?!) It dries a little darker than the bottle, but it is gorgeous! Really deep and dark, but it never looks black. Even in low light it has a warm glow coming from the purple.

Of course, you give me a colour like this, and I will stamp over it!

Ah Barry M Gold Foil, how I love you! It's like you were made to stamp. I've said before, this polish is actually better than the gold Konad polish I own! Just look at how opaque and crisp those swirls are! The stamp is from Gals GA33. It isn't quite a full nail stamp as it's the wrong shape, so I just stamped it randomly on each finger! I love the effect though. It almost looks a little bit like flowers, or just swirls lol!

Next up is Purple Pulse. This is the only polish I have struggled with at all. It's very sheer, I'm wearing 3 coats here and there's still a hint of VNL. I should have done 4 coats. That's the only problem though! Purple Pulse is an electric purple frosty shimmer in a very slightly blackened base.

Look at how it practically lights up! In the pictures, this is leaning towards indigo, but in real life it was a definite purple, and it almost glows! I didn't think I would love it because it was so sheer, but it has built up very well. One more coat and it would have been perfect! I always find finishes like this tricky for nail art though. They don't provide a very good canvas! So I cheated and used an untried glitter to jazz it up!

This is one coat of China Glaze Pizzazz. In the bottle it looks like mostly magenta, light blue and silver glitter, which I thought would go well with the purple. On the nail, suddenly all this red, green and gold appeared! Lots of tiny hexes, and a few medium ones thrown in for good measure. This would work over nearly any colour. Application was fairly good, this was one coat, and for the most part it was fairly even. There are a few clumps where the glitter congregated together, and full coverage would be a pain, but it's still very pretty (and I love that it had all those colours hiding in it!).

So there you go. I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts as I have done creating them! This was a great excuse to wear these polishes, and now I have, 90% I can't wait to wear again!

Remember, if you missed out on these at Poundland, they are available at Fragrance Direct for a bargain £1.49! I really can't recommend these enough for the formula, the range, the application and the gorgeous super shiny finish! You won't need topcoat with these!

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