Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Seven Days of Sally Hansen: Lavender Cloud

Greetings All!

I've got another Sally Hansen post for you!

Quick bit of housekeeping. Now I've had a chance to play around with them some more, I can say that the formula is great.They applied easily, and all have taken 2 or 3 fast drying coats. They're lovely and shiny - they feel like they have topcoat on without any on! The brushes have a rubber grip, which you don't see very much, but I love! I can be a little clumsy, but these sit securely in your fingers. All in all, a great polish! And remember, all this for only £1!

Today's nails are Lavender Cloud. Spurred on by the beauty of Crinoline, I was eager to try this shade. It's another very pale colour, very nearly white but with a hint of grey lilac.

Unfortunately, this is just slightly too pale to me. It's barely off-white! It's slightly paler on the nail than in the bottle. I can imagine it would be a great base for nail art though. Here is some!

I read THIS post over at Two Days Slow, and she used the most perfect purple to stamp with. Rich and deep, but still bright and vibrant! I asked her what it was. Barry M Gelly Plum! Which I own and everything! I was very happy. That's what I've used here, and BM204.

Isn't it such a glorious purple? It's really brightened up Lavender Cloud too. Also, check out my thumb. I had to stamp it twice because it's too long. You can barely notice!

Stay tuned tomorrow for ANOTHER Sally Hansen!


  1. I love that stamping, and the colour's gorgeous! I think the Sally Hansen would be a little too pale for my liking as well - I have been enjoying the £1 bargains though :)

    1. I love a bargain! That's why I end up with polishes that are too pale though lol

  2. Oh I love that stamp! What a fun design. It looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I love stamp designs like this. I would never be able to freehand something so delicate!

  3. That's a fave of mine - in fact the only gelly I bought :) Love this stamp!!


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