Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Flip Flop February Day 26: A Theme You Missed

Greetings All!

We are now so close to the end! I can't believe I haven't fallen behind! On Thursday I will have done a different 'challenge manicure' every day for the last 59 days! Wow that's a lot of nails!

In important (to me) news, please join me in welcoming back my right hand! She's been out of action for the last 2 weeks because I broke pretty much all the white bit off my middle finger. As you can see, it's still quite a bit shorter than my other nails, but I'll be evening that up over the next couple of weeks. I've decided it's long enough to work with though, it's grown really well! So my right hand will be working, with my left hand, as models, until the next catastrophic break!

Today's were originally going to be Outline nails, as I did really want to do them (I've only ever practiced them on nail wheels. However I ran out of time for day 21, and did dots instead of flames. I love flames on all sorts of things, including nails, so I had to do them. I can't believe I've only done these once before! When I did, I wore them for about 5 days though, so you know I liked them!

OK, I love these! They're so Rock! I went with a slightly different colour combination, but they still totally work. And hopefully it's obvious they're meant to be flames (it is to me, but then I painted them lol). The base is W7 Black, and I painted on the flames using three Sally Hansen HD Nail Color polishes I recently picked up (all £1 each, but all from different places!) The yellow is Lite, the green is Resolution (which is hilarious because you can barely see it!) and the blue is Spectrum. So far the blue is a clear winner for me - look at that sparkle! It's quite rare that I use 'matching' polishes for nail art, I usually go by the colour I need rather than brand, so it was nice to use these three together.

So, only the recreation days left to go! I've finishes someone elses's, now I just have to pick my favourite! Out of curiosity, what has been your favourite?

Remember to check out everyone else's lovely nails, and to see what theme they missed out on. Or, what their favourite polish is!

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