Monday, 25 February 2013

Nail Haul!

Greetings All!

I thought I would be a little mean, and show you what I've been buying in the last week. Personally I love and hate reading these posts from others, because I'm nosy, but it makes me want to shop! Anyway here's what I got.

 From eBay, Barry M Lilac Foil and Color Club Halo Hues in Eternal Beauty, which is stunningly holographic, even more so than my Jade! I'm wearing this now, but my camera refuses to acknowledge the holo. I'm hoping for a little sunlight tomorrow! I'm also hoping the Lilac foil stamps as well as it's gold and silver counterparts. From what I've seen, it should do.

From Superdrug, 2 more of the new Barry M Gellys (Dragonfruit and Greenberry to go with the Lychee I bought) and Barry M Copper, and 2 random polishes from beauty uk, Pinkabloo (which looks very similar to OPI Polka,com) and Antique Chic. I can never resist a glitter polish, and these aren't like anything else I have.

 Today I ventured into Sally's, which I don't do very often. My local shop doesn't have a great selection (basic OPIs, a medium China Glaze selection, and some other bits) but I was looking for a Gelous base coat, which I read was a really good base coat. We'll see! The China Glaze was 3 for 2, so I ended up with Fairy Dust, Flying Dragon (which is on my wish list!), and Enchantment. The On Safari collection was also reduced to less than half price! There were hardly any shades left, but I got Prey Tell, and Kalahari Kiss. I think they'll go quite well together!

My mum went to visit family last week, and she always scopes out the shops for nail polish for me! She's really good at finding shades I want, and usually really cheap! She brought me back these - a W7 Caviar manicure set, some W7 metallic minis, and a 5 pack of Revlon polishes that was £4.99! See, really cheap! It even includes Matte Suede in Firefox, which has been on my wish list for months! I know it's not rare or anything, but I have the other three from the collection that I got for £1 each, and the cheapest I'd seen Firefox was nearly £5 online. I wanted it for £1, and now I have it lol!

This is a little insight into my nail polish addiction. I found this on Saturday when looking under the bed. It's unopened. I forgot I even owned it. 6 Color Club glitters and a topcoat. That's pretty shameful huh?

Bonus picture with Missy Pandora!

So there you go. I've been busy! Hope you don't mind me sharing my new pretties with you!


  1. Great haul post!

    Where's your Sally's?

    There isn't a local one to me, but I visited the Stoke one and one in Manchester on my travels the other week but wasn't overly impressed :(

  2. My local Sally's is just up the road! In Harlow (Essex). I agree generally I've been unimpressed with the selection and the prices! I just happened to pop in to look for the Gelous and noticed the China Glaze bargains!


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