Saturday, 23 February 2013

Flip Flip February Day 23: Lightning or Bows

Greetings All! Are you having a good weekend?

Today I chose lightning, because I haven't done it before, and I probably would have just stamped some bows. I had a little image search on Google, and I watched THIS video on Youtube. It's a pretty easy technique, but I just wanted to make sure I would be doing it properly! Recently I've been kind of making techniques up as I go along (I always fear getting lost in the 'video vortex'), so I'm trying to be good and check my work lol.

Here they are:

I started with W7 Black. I then sponged on some OPI Alpine Snow for a pale base. I used Asda Lavender Fantasy, 17 Baby Blue, Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue and Barry M Plum to create a purple-y blue night sky. I then painted on some Butter London Frilly Knickers for some sparkle, then freehanded the lightning bolts with more Alpine Snow.

The lightning on my index finger is a bit straggly, but otherwise I really like these! They are very similar to Galaxy nails in technique, but then they are both kind of the sky so that's not really a surprise! I'm also happy with my colour choices. I almost went a completely different way with these, so I'm glad they worked out in the end! I think next time, I might do the night sky, and just have lightning on an accent nail. How cool would that look!

Remember to check out everyone else's lovely nails!

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