Friday, 22 February 2013

Comparison! Nails Inc Black Leather Effect vs Seventeen Black Rock Hard Nail Effect

Greetings All!

What?! I'm back AGAIN?! Yeah. I have a quick comparison for you, between Nails Inc Leather Effect in noho (black), and Seventeen Textured Polish in Black that I showed you yesterday. I know some people have been wondering whether or not they are dupes, and as the Nails Inc is around 5 times the price (although you do get those darling little skulls), I reckon a lot of people would be interested to know!

I know it sounds bad, but I kind of wanted to get this out of the way, as I really need to crack on with the Flip Flop February Challenge! This is my first comparison post though, and I must say it really does make me feel like a proper blogger! I don't have anything else in my collection that could be dupes (all I have is similar, which as we all know is completely different and totally necessary!) I get a little jealous of people who have an extensive enough collection to have dupes, and yet here I am comparing polishes that could both end up being massive in the UK this year!

Both bottles are 10ml of polish, both dry at approximately the same speed (pretty quickly!),  both give full coverage in 2 coats, and they are both easy to apply.

Lol both even have textured caps!

 OK so on my index and ring finger we have Nails Inc, and Seventeen on the middle and pinky. Although this is my first time, I'm going to go ahead and say that no, they are not dupes. Seventeen is much more textured, both in look and feel. Nails Inc has a very fine grained texture (a bit like leather, strangely enough) whereas Seventeen has a much coarser grain. This results in a much more apparent texture, and also more differentiation between the texture (whatever it's made of lol) and the black polish. As you can see in the pictures, you can see smooth parts on the nail, and less so with the Nails Inc

I tried to find something to compare the texture of Seventeen to, it's a little like sandpaper but not as rough or scrape-y. you won't get anything caught on it! It may be much closer to the texture of Nails Inc Concrete, but I don't have any of those unfortunately!

However if you go for a very-close-up (no one should be getting this close to my nails lol) they aren't quite as different. Seventeen is on the left.

If your hands are at a normal distance, for example arm's length, the only way you can tell between them is that you can see a bit of shine coming from the Seventeen, and you can see it's not quite as uniform as the Nails Inc.

So, in conclusion, these are not dupes! However they are extremely similar. The Nails Inc seems to be a slightly better quality polish, but for the price, you would expect that! I love both of them. The Nails Inc has a lovely soft grain, but conversely, the Seventeen can handle a layer of topcoat!

The Leather Effect is all but obliterated, but the Rock Hard Nail Effect has become textured and shiny!

I guess which one you should buy depends on you! If you are looking for a softer, finer, less textured version, then go for the Nails Inc. If you like a bit more texture, you like having your nails both matte or shiny, and/or you are on a budget, then I would definitely go for the Seventeen. It's really a case of personal preference! If I had to pick one, it would probably be Nails Inc. It just feels lovely to touch. However I am torn now that I've seen the Seventeen with topcoat!

Which of these would you pick?


  1. I have the nails inc and I could see the difference I could pick out the nails inc straight away so I agree no dupes. I have just recently duped myself on blues, but it wasn't intentional, I'd sooner have different polishes to choose from than three of the same blue!

  2. Damn, I was hoping they'd be identical so I didn't have to spend money on the Nails Inc one!! I'm not a massive fan of really bumpy polishes. I have the nails inc mulberry coloured one and love it. Thanks for this comparison :) xx

    1. You are welcome! The mulberry one looks beautiful it's on my list lol.

      I wouldn't recommend them if you don't like bumpy polishes!

  3. I think I will end up with the 17 to try first! I like both, and for what I want it for I think it will do. However I'm sure once I have it I will probably still stalk the Nails Inc on ebay haha!

    thank you for this comparison btw :D

    1. You are welcome! I think to test out the look, it's the more sensible option. To be honest though, I'm glad I have both!


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