Monday, 25 February 2013

Flip Flop February Day 25: YouTube Tutorial or Striping

Greetings All!

We are so close to the end of this challenge, I can't stand it! I already have some fun stuff planned for March, and I just spent over an hour trying to find someone's manicure to recreate. There's just too much choice! So many talented ladies.

Today's nails were an easy choice. I'm over video tutorials a bit. When I first started, they were helpful, but now I find them too long and unnecessary (like, I know I need to put a base colour on! I don't need to see you do it!). For most things I either make it up as I go along, or look at some pictures of the same technique. I only use a video tutorial if it's something I have no idea how to do! But I prefer a picture tutorial.

So striping it is! I tried using striping tape for the first time HERE for last months challenge. I did want to recreate this, because last time I wasn't completely happy with the result. I chickened out a little bit though. I figured I needed some practice at just getting the tape in the right place, without worrying about different colours! So I used the same colours as last time, but one on each nail.

I'm still a little wary of striping tape. It's so small and fiddly...these came out OK though. Not quite 100% clean lines, but not bad! And the placement is much better than last time (and easier!). My favourite nail is the blue one. That's what I wanted to do, but in different colours for each stripe. I need to be very precise though, as the lines get very close together! So this is OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Outrageous Neons mini collection, and an unnamed London Girl bright blue, which works very well as a neon over white. The black is W7 Black, for a change. I should really start using some other black polishes lol I have enough of them!

Next time I do striping I promise I'll do something different!

Remember to check out everyone else's nails!


  1. So, did I misunderstand? I thought we were to FOLLOW a YouTube Tutorial, not make one. Well, that was how I interpreted it.

    1. Yes that's how I interpreted it too! I just decided to go with striping instead of following a tutorial.


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