Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sun-tried-day (part 1) Winter Polishes

Greetings All! This post is picture heavy!

I've decided to do two untried posts today. I'm really trying to get through them! This post is for polishes with a winter name. If I don't try them soon, I may not until next winter!

First up is Models Own Jack Frost. This is an iridescent glitter full of blue, green, pink and silver depending on the light (and depending which polish you put it over lol)

It's mostly blue here! It's got a lovely depth to it and it's full of sparkle. This is 2 coats over W7 Metallic Neptune (which I will also show you!). Although quite winter themed, I can see me wearing this any time of year. I'm also picturing some galaxy nails!

Here's Metallic Neptune

Another untried! I love this. A blackened base with a glass fleck shimmer in a tealy, turquoisey, greeny colour depending on the light. Really lovely. And less than £2! I'm really loving W7 at the moment. They have great polishes at a great price. Very unusual polishes too.

Next up is China Glaze Glistening Snow. A silver with holographic glitter. While I do love linear holos, holo glitters have a special place in my heart. I love the little pinpricks of rainbow, and the way the sparkle almost makes it look like the polish is moving!

My pictures haven't quite caught all the holo but you can see it's quite colourful. A nice pale silver too! 2 coats. It was quite grainy though, which I don't mind. Needed a thick topcoat to smooth it over!

Last isn't technically a winter polish, but when I was selecting these two I spotted this glitter and felt it fitted in. China Glaze Make a Spectacle is another iridescent glitter, not a million miles away from Jack Frost but this has more of a gold, pink, green colour.

I love the gold colour in this one. It's quite ethereal. It was also very jewely and sparkly! This is 2 coats over a england Ophelia. I've swatched this on one finger, so I still consider this an untried! I really want to love a england polishes. I do. They're all gothic and luxurious looking, and a British brand! But tell me that this looks anything other than black on me.

For once this isn't the camera's fault! It's just black, with the tiniest hint of purple shimmer. But look how gorgeous in the bottle! Am I doing something wrong?!

So there you go. A total of 5 untrieds! Yay! That's five less on the mountain! There will be another post shortly (yeah, I went a little crazy this weekend).

Which of these do you like best? And what do you think of wearing a polish say, in June, with 'snow' or 'frost' in the name?

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