Saturday, 2 February 2013

Yay! I won a Liebster award (or 3 lol)

Greetings All! This post is very text heavy!

Firstly I must apologise. 2 lovely people nominated me for a Liebster award last month, but with the 31 day challenge and all, they got pushed to the back and have kind of been forgotten. I'm sorry! However a third nomination reminded me, so I'm going to do this now before I forget again!

I had to do a little research to find out what this actually was. It's an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, and is a bit like a chain letter. It helps to spread love, and awareness of people's blogs, especially when you are new and just starting out, and it makes you feel good! Plus technically you can say that your blog is award winning!

What you have to do is:

1)Post 11 facts about yourself
2) Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3) Ask 11 questions to the people you are nominating
4) Find 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, and nominate them!

Easy right?

OK so here are 11 random facts about myself (I'm not doing 33 lol)

1) I have a degree in forensic investigation
2) I love cats. If I had my way, I would be one of those crazy cat ladies with about 30!
3) I have over 30 piercings, all in my head (above the neck, not like imaginary!)
4) My favourite colour is black or red, depending on my mood
5) I don't eat fish, and I rarely eat any meat other than chicken
6) I prefer TV to films. I watch a lot of TV on my computer (while doing my nails lol)
7) I'm scared of deep water and crossing train tracks, and I don't like lifts
8) I wear wigs for about 10 months of the year, and have done since I was about 18 or 19. I'm not bald or anything, I just like to wear them!
9) I get really annoyed when you pay for something in a shop and the person tells you how much you have given them "that's ten pounds" oh, really? I had no idea because I'VE NEVER USED MONEY BEFORE!
10) I like to stay up late, and sleep in late
11) But I work in a job where I have to get up about 6am. (fml)

Onto the people who nominated me, and the questions they asked!

Anna at Anna's Polish Addiction  asks:

1. How many polishes do you own?
I don't know, and I'm too scared to count! Probably somewhere around the 250 mark
2. What's your fave nail art technique?
I love animal print nails, and pretty stamping
3. What's your favourite brand of polish?

I love W7 for their range and affordability, and OPI for their quality
4. How often do you paint your nails?

When I'm not doing a challenge, 3 or 4 times a week
5. Do you use a base coat?

Abso-bleeding-lutely I always use base coat, but not always top coat
6. What's the most you'd spend on a polish?

That would depend on how gorgeous it was! I can't see me spending more than £20 on a polish though.
7. What's the best fancy dress outfit you've ever worn?

I'm always a bat or a vampire, Halloween or not!
8. What's your favourite film?

The Nightmare Before Christmas, or The Cell
9. Do you have any hobbies?

Painting your nails counts right? I used to make a lot of stuff: jewellery, bags etc
10. Do you have any tattoos?

Yes I currently have 9 tattoos (that figure might rise in the future lol)
11. Describe yourself with 3 words

Fat weird and miserable!

Elena at Ecklipsed by Color asks:

1. What inspired you to start blogging and also your blog name?
I spend so much time doing my nails, then I take pictures because they are so temporary. I had to do something with the pics, it was beginning to look a little serial killer-y lol! I use SpecialGirl as a username all over the internet so it seemed like the natural choice
2. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
I guess getting my degree, I haven't really accomplished much!
3. What is your favorite creative outlet? Art? Music? Dance? etc.?

Painting my nails! Also, little things like the way I dress, the music I listen to etc
4. If your life was a book what would be the title?

Why Are You Bothering To Read This?
5. Describe your favorite meal.

Fried egg and baked beans, either on toast or with fries!
6. What would be your ultimate polish color and what would it be called?

Black jelly with orange, purple and green glitter. I would call it 'Halloweird'
7. If you had pick between the two- chocolate or cheese?

Chocolate. I could live without either though
8. Favorite travel destination that you have been to and one that you would love to go to.

I guess the Canary Islands ( I haven't done much travelling). I would love to go to Canada, or Costa Rica.
9. What nail trend do you see happening in 2013?

I think textured polishes are pretty big right now (yay!)
10. Do you speak any foreign languages?

I'm a bit rusty, but French, Spanish and German
11. Favorite nail polish brand and favorite shade?

W7 and OPI, but my favourite shade is Revlon Matte Suede Emerald city. I don't know why, I'm not even that into green!

Finally Misha at Enigmatic Rambles asks

1) Why do you blog?
So I have a legitimate reason to have so many photos of my nails
2) What is your own favourite blog post?
Gah good question! Probably THIS one.
3) Will you be blogging in a year?
I genuinely hope so
4) What annoys you about blogging?
The compulsion to check my page views every 10 minutes lol
5) Which season do you like best?
Autumn. My birthday, Halloween, the long nights (before they get too tiresome lol)
6) Best thing about being you?
The weird way my brain works
7) If you were to only be able to paint your nails one colour forever which would that be?
8) Which TV series / show do you recommend?
The American version of The Office. Not all that many people watch it here in the UK, and it's just perfection.
9) Would you prefer to be always hot or always cold?
Well, I'd prefer to be just right! Too hot though. I'm terrible with the cold.
10) Cats or Dogs?
Cats rule and dogs drool
11) What do you think of iphones?

Honestly, I don't think about them much. If people want to waste their money on meaningless gadgets, let them. They're just a fad. I guess I don't like them!

Phew! Enough of the third degree ladies! lol

Here are my 11 questions:

1) What is your favourite polish? Brand, or shade
2) If you created a polish, what would it be like?
3) What's the most difficult nail art technique you have tried?
4) What's your biggest lemming (the polish you most want but don't have)?
5) What do you prefer to post/read about? Swatches, or nail art?
6) What is your best polish bargain?
7) How important is neat polish/cuticle cleanup to you?
8) What are you wearing on your nails right now?
9) What is you favourite nail shape?
10) What do you think the next polish trend will be?
11) If you were in complete isolation, like on a desert island, would you still paint your nails?

Finally my nominated blogs

Light of the Moon Nails

Helloo Bee

Nerdy for Nails

Chrystalized Nails

LaLaLa Lacquer

Nail Doodle

Norma Nails

Penguins Left Green Polish


Zachy's Nail Buzz

Kick Acetone

Thank you ladies for nominating me!


  1. Lol! Yes I think the iphone is like marmite. I adore the lace hold up nails you liked, really nice :)

  2. Aww! Congrats! It's a really good idea to help out new bloggers :)

  3. Aww! Congrats! It's a really good idea to help out new bloggers :)

  4. There was a problem with my blog so.I had top make a new one would you please follow me again. Do.I understand that I won the award and now must answer your questions in my blog?

    1. What is the name of your new blog? Yes, you answer my questions, ask some of your own, and nominate other people (spread the love!)

    Gonna think of questions and blogs tomorrow

    1. Well, congratulations! It's a great way for new bloggers to get to know each other. I really like your nail designs, they are all so pretty!


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