Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Seven Days of Sally Hansen: Thinking of Blue

Greetings All!

Not every £1 Sally Hansen I got was a pale colour. Some were pretty deep! This is probably the darkest.

In the bottle, this is a dusty, almost denim shade of blue. Close to indigo. However it is several shades darker on the nail, almost navy blue! I don't tend to wear blue very much. It's not my favourite colour. I quite liked this though. 2 easy coats. As soon as I put it on I thought 'nautical' but my second thought was 'gold'. I love a bit of gold polish! So I did some glitter tips.

I do love a glitter gradient. I think they are easier than normal gradients, because the sparkly nature of the glitter makes mistakes harder to see! This is with OPI Goldeneye. Blue and gold is a lovely combination! And I love the fine glitter in Goldeneye. It almost looks a little like gold leaf!

There will be another Sally Hansen post tomorrow! Don't worry though - I am trying to combine some with the Flip Flop Challenge so I won't be posting as much!

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