Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flip Flop February Day 24: Tissue Paper or Rainbow

Greetings All!

Today has not been a good day, challenge wise (or rather Friday, when I spent nearly 12 hours painting my nails trying to get this right!). Both choices really just were not happening.

First, I couldn't get the tissue to the right size for my nails. It was like, too big, too big, now too small! Then I tried something like a cling film manicure, trying to dab the wet nail with the tissue paper. Another fail. So I thought that's OK, I can always just do some rainbow nails instead. First I tried a rainbow gradient skittle (not a million miles away from THIS manicure I did last month) but it failed. I got a picture though!

OK so it's not awful, but it wasn't really screaming 'rainbow' to me. And while topcoating, I transferred some red onto the yellow. Whatever, I really wasn't happy with it. So I thought of something else. A black and rainbow dotticure! Cool, yes? No. My thumb was cool. All the other nails failed sooo hard. So then I kept the thumb, and did another rainbow skittle.

So here we have: the one dotticure nail that worked (except you can't see the violet!), some freehanded 'stripes', a swirly abstract mess (a deliberate mess this time!), a ruffle nail (I had to go and look up the name of this. I'm painting things and I don't even know what they are. This is what is happening here), and finally I tried to draw a rainbow. Actually, this doesn't look quite as bad in the picture as it did in real life! I even gave up cleaning up, and just took a photo in case nothing else was better! I do like my thumb though. I wish that would have worked. Something with the spacing, and the size of the dots...I couldn't get it to work.

Finally I basically quit, and just did a rainbow glitter skittle. No skill, no inspiration, boring. Sorry!

Are you keeping up? I make that six attempts for this day. Six. So this day beat me. At this point, I'm kind of just glad I had something to post! Tomorrow and Tuesday are better though. I promise!

Now go and look at some much nicer nails painted by much saner people!


  1. Wow, you are soo talented!!:)

  2. I love the gradients, I hadn't even noticed the red on the yellow nail. I also love those rainbow dots on the black of your thumb, I've been wanting to do this over white for a while, but at mo I'd either need to use very small dots or just wait for nails to grow a lot!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think it worked on my thumb because it's quite long, but then I couldn't use the same proportions on the other fingers...I only had room for five colours on my little finger!

  3. I think they all look great! I really liked the gradient one and the skittle nail was AWESOME! I'm a little biased when it comes to dotticures, I admit, but your ruffle looked awesome!

    Also, glitter is never boring. It's the spice of nail art!

  4. I love the ruffled design you did on your ring finger. I have no patience to try it! Well done!


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