Thursday, 31 January 2013

31DC Day 31: Recreate Someone Else's Manicure From Earlier in the Challenge

Greetings All!

Wow. I can't believe I made it! All 31 days done and although I started a couple of days late, I haven't fallen behind! This was my first challenge on my brand new blog so I'm feeling a little proud of myself right now. Or maybe just cocky, because I have already agreed to do another challenge starting...tomorrow! I'm either crazy, or stupid, or both. I just didn't want this challenge to end. I've loved every minute of it!

I would also like to take a moment to thank my gorgeous followers, and everyone who has visited this last month. You all rock! Seriously, although I have loved doing this challenge, if no one had looked at any of my nails, I might not still be doing this, or at least I definitely wouldn't be feeling as good as I do now! Everyone has been so lovely and kind and supportive and have made me feel like a real part of this little community. HUGE thanks also go to Debbie Crumpet, for organising all this, and for letting me take part. Love to you all!

On to today's nails. Since day 2 of the challenge I have had these nails bookmarked. There have been SO many stunning manicures, I wouldn't have been able to choose so I went with my earliest favourite to save myself a headache!

Tina over at Light of the Moon Nails created a GORGEOUS manicure for day 2: silver (here) that I loved for several reasons. One, she managed to stamp silver on silver, which I wanted to do but (previously) failed. Two, she used a stamp that I really like, from BM14. Three, she used the stamp in an awesome way! I love this ornate design, but struggled to use it because it would be too big for some nails, and too small for others. It wouldn't look consistent. Tina stamped part of the image on each nail. Perfection! Oh and she used a matte polish. Do I need more reasons?! Here are the pics:

The Original! From Light of the Moon Nails

Tina used China Glaze Stone Cold. I don't have this, but while searching for a dark silver to mattify I realised I own OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede. Untried (I'm a terrible person!). I then stamped with my trusty Primark Mercury and plate BM14. Yay! Silver on silver stamping! And I said it couldn't be done...

Tina, I hope you like them! And I hope you don't mind I borrowed your photo, I just had to see them side by side!

I don't want to stop typing, because that will mean that it's officially all over! I'll be back tomorrow with a new challenge. In the meantime, go see what other people have been copying (lol)


  1. Cazzy - Thanks so much for choosing my mani! And just by chance, I chose one of yours! Thanks for all the inspiration and wonderful comments! What challenge are you doing? Maybe it is one I'm doing too! Love ya!

  2. Argh! It's February already tomorrow, isn't it? I guess I have a challenge starting too! Who knows, we may be in the same one! Have fun!
    BTW, this is absolutely gorgeous, both versions! Nice job, ladies!


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