Saturday, 26 January 2013

31DC Day 26: Inspired By Your Country

Greetings all!

Today's manicure calls for something inspired by you country. Now, I'm not especially patriotic, or even particularly proud to be British. I didn't bother with the Jubilee, or the Olympics, or the Royal Wedding (possibly  because I've had to work every bank holiday since the beginning of 2011). I was all set to do a basic red, white and blue motif, maybe some stamping. However I thought I should make the effort. My  nails from the beginning of this challenge show a lot more effort than the last couple of days (or at least, they TOOK more effort lol) so I decided to choose some British 'stereotypes' and make a sort of skittle out of them. I'll show you the nails, then explain!

So here we have a few British 'cliches': a double decker bus, a cup of tea, both on a grey background, because it always rains here, a game of cricket, and a crown. As well as being British, I am an Essex girl, so we also have some white stilettos on an orange fake tan background (that's mostly what Essex girls are known for. Oh, and being blonde and stupid)

Polishes used were: George Witchcraft (grey), Revlon Emerald, Sally Hansen Shade 04 (purple) and Miss Sporty unnamed (orange) for the base colours, then W7 Black, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI The Thrill of Brazil, Barry M Chocolate Brown, unnamed Miss Sporty (yellow), and Konad white and gold for the stamping.

Stamps used were BM08 for the crown and GA33 for the shoe.

Phew! That seemed like a lot! For someone unpatriotic, that was a lot of effort (especially the crown. I must have stamped it 8 times trying to get it in the centre and straight. It's still not straight!)

Tomorrow I must be inspired by myself. Easy? I'm not sure!

Remember to check out everyone else being patriotic!

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