Thursday, 3 January 2013

31DC Day 3: Gold

Yay! I am now officially all caught up with this challenge!! 

Gold was a really difficult one for me. Gold is probably my favourite nail colour (especially with black), so I'm a little spoiled for choice. I couldn't decide what to do! I also wanted to try and minimise stamping (else it could quite easily be a 31 day stamping challenge lol).

So here's what I eventually decided on.

These pictures are actually from just before Christmas (2 of my nails are not yet broken lol) but if I painted them fresh, I would have ended up recreating this. I am quite happy to admit that I am not very good at drawing roses, but I love doing them and in November and December last year I must have created at least half a dozen rose manicures. I think the overall look is really gorgeous, even if the fine detail isn't really there!

I used Barry M Gold Foil for the base and rose details, and W7 Black for the roses.

Once again many thanks to Debbie at The Crumpet for letting me take part in this challenge!


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