Thursday, 3 January 2013

31DC Day 2: Silver

Wow second post today! I said I was trying to catch up! This is day 2 of The Crumpets 31 day challenge: silver. Now, I own about a dozen silver polishes. I like silver. I wanted to do this manicure entirely in silver. However, it turns out that there are only subtle differences in all my shades! Stamping was out; nail art would have been almost too subtle to see. I think I found a solution though.

I decided on a glitter gradient type affair, using Natural Collection Winter Moon (my lightest silver) and ASDA 3D Glitters in Avalanche (my darkest silver glitter) it's actually a very nice silver glitter with all different sizes of glitter in it. VERY sparkly.

So there we go! Day 2 done! Can I manage another 29? I hope so!!


  1. This looks really good! I wanted to do shade on shade stamping too but it wouldn't show up either.

  2. I like the glitter on the tips!!!!


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