Tuesday, 8 January 2013

31DC Day 8: Duochrome, Holographic or Flakie...and some Innisfree swatches!

Greetings! This post is picture heavy!

Today's manicure I am a little disappointed in.Well, not the manicure itself, but the pictures. I have a theory about my camera. Whenever I have a gorgeous glitter, or a stunning holographic or anything that's a bit 'wow', my camera doesn't seem to be able to handle it! I'm starting to think that my camera is also a little obsessed with the nail varnish. It's the equivalent of when I see a gorgeous polish and suddenly I can't hear or see anything else. I get transfixed by its beauty and I just stand there staring, mouth slightly open, glazed expression. That's basically what my camera does. Bless him.

Anyway, on to today's nails. I don't own many duochromes (that may have to change lol) and up until maybe six weeks ago, I didn't own any flakies (I'm still so new lol). However holographic polishes are something I fell pretty hard for pretty early on. I currently have 17 holographic polishes with plans for more! (Linear holos: I also own a few holo glitters)

For these pictures I picked my most holographic polish: Layla Ocean Rush. Unlike most holos I own, this one seems to be the most colourful under artificial light instead of sunlight. I spend a lot of time indoors so I like that. Some I own are only revealed as holographic under direct sunlight!

These piss are of 3 coats of Layla, no base coat. Application with this polish can be a little bit tricky, I shined my nails with the file provided and used no base coat as recommended, and I got no dragging. For £11.50 I probably shouldn't have to jump through so many hoops, but there you go.

You can tell it's a holo, but it's about half as vivid as in real life!!

My plan was to leave these plain, as I couldn't bear to cover them up, but it is a nail art challenge so I got a blue flakie, Bluberry Jelly by Innisfree, and my lightning bolt nail guides. I got these off eBay they are so fun! They do all kinds of styles and they're brilliant for a bit of simple nail art. Great for manicures. Great for taping too!

 Here are a few pics of Blueberry Jelly on it's own (SO gorgeous!)

Just look at those colours!!!

Innisfree is a South Korean brand. I have a few of their polishes swatched and ready to show you. They do stunning flakies, and glitters so beautiful they hurt. Seriously, they look like indie polishes.

 Allow me to introduce you to...Andromeda (copper), Libra (blue), Aquarius (pink and green) and Raspberry Yoghurt (pink with pink and black glitter).

I love these polishes. They are so pretty, and quite different to a lot of polishes. You can also find these on eBay, for around $7 (about £4.30), and they only took a week to get to me!

So, a bit off track, but that was day 8! Hopefully others have some shorter post for you!

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