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Innisfree swatches (the fuller version)

Greetings all! This post is PICTURE HEAVY.

2 posts in one day?! Yes. I've been really busy with the 31 day challenge, but I wanted to take a little time out to show you some swatches of a brand of polish I fell in love with late last year. I have already posted a few pictures of the glitters (here) but I wanted to show you the rest of my collection.
Innisfree are a South Korean brand. I first saw them over at Makeup Withdrawal and decided to order a few off eBay. I bought 4 and got one free, and 8 days later they arrived. I loved them so much I ordered another 4 the same day (and got another one free!)

They do a range of styles of polish. Their cremes look very nice, but a little 'meh' (as with a lot of cremes) but they also have duochrome glitters, flakies, and some beautiful glitters (these are what really hooked me). I don't own many indies, but to my untrained eye these glitters are quite similar to something you might see from an indie polish maker.

Apologies for the pictures. I am saving for a new camera that doesn't flash for everything except bright sunlight.

The Flakies

This is Blueberry Jelly. A rich dark blue jelly with green/orange/gold flakie. These swatches are 2 coats. I'm not usually the biggest fan of blue, but this is just lovely and squidgy. The flakes give it a peacock quality and it has such depth. LOVE.


This is Cherry Jelly. A very girly bright and juicy pink. 2 coats leaves a hint of VNL. The flakie is gold and orange. Again, this isn't really my favourite shade, but I would wear it as a base for some nail art. Again, it is very squidgy looking. It's very girly, but those flakes give it a bit of edge. I wouldn't say cherry coloured though?

The Duochromes


Ah, The Fall of The Leaf. Love the name! A really autumnal colour. A rich deep pink/bronze/copper that changes shade depending on the angle. 2 coats. This is so shimmery and rich and deep without being too dark. Very easy to wear.

Purple Moist Night. Again, great name! A dark 'blurple', shifting from blue to purple. 2 coats. Again, full of shimmer and really rich. I will be wearing this on it's own and for nail art (I'm picturing...galaxy nails). This is one of those polishes I find myself staring at while I tilt my fingers for ages.

The Glitters


This little beauty is Raspberry Yogurt. I've not seen anything quite like this. A translucent. very pale pink jelly/sheer polish with light pink and black or dark silver (hard to tell lol) hexes and dark pink glitter.  This is 2 coats. 3 coats starts to cover the glitter beneath. I thought I would absolutely love this, but it has a hint of grey on the nail (I think from the glitter, Not from it bleeding, it just gives a grey tone overall). The name is perfect though, This is SO what raspberry yogurt would look like on nails! I'm really hoping this will grow on me because it's just so pretty. This was one of my freebies.

This was the other freebie. Village of Snowing. On the nails, from left to right, 1 coat, 3 coats, 2 coats. Nothing truly exciting here, but a very shiny silver glitter with hexes and small glitter. Who doesn't like silver glitter? Worn here over Purple Moist Night.

Midnight Black. Black with holographic glitter and bronze and gold hexes. My favourite nail polish colour is black, so no surprises, I love this. It's like outer space in a bottle. 2 coats. Gorgeous.


And now onto the main events. Say hello to Andromeda. Loads going on here. White bars, black and gold squares, and I can make out gold, copper, bronze, turquoise and pink hexes and small glitter. From left to right, 1, 3 and 2 coats. Another autumnal polish, worn over The Fall of The leaf. I really like this. Again, it causes prolonged staring! It would also work over lots of colours. You have to dab it on rather than brush it on, but that is fairly standard for this type of polish I think.


Aquarius. Basically the same setup (bars, squares, hexes and small glitter) but this time lilac, pink, purple, green, turquoise, red, silver and gold And I think black. Apologies if I missed any colours! I'm undecided on this one. A lot of the glitter is quite muted, so it's very sparkly, but a little pale. Again, 1, 3 and 2 coats over Raspberry yogurt.


I'm saving the best until last. This bottle of magic is Libra (my star sign!) and words can barely describe this. I'll try though. This is squares, bars, hexes and small glitter in turquoise, blue, green, purple, red, gold, silver, bronze and black. 1, 3, 2 coats. 3ish coats on the thumb. My pictures do not do this polish any justice. It's a bit like wearing peacock feathers on your nails, but made out of jewels. So, so stunning. Worn over Midnight Black.

I had no problems with any application, they all dried fairly quickly and they smell strangely pleasant (weirdly citrusy). They cost around $7 each (about £4.25) and I think they are definitely worth it. Each bottle is 10ml. 

If you made it to the end of this, wow. Well done. I barely made it myself! I promise posts this long will be very, very rare! 

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  1. You should try Etude House and Face Shop glitters! Mind-blowing!


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