Wednesday, 16 January 2013

31DC Day 16: Colour Opposites

Greetings all!

Today is yet another manicure that I couldn't decide on. The one I ended up posting is the third manicure I did, because I didn't like the other two! To be fair, as colour opposites, they aren't really meant to go with each other!

In the end I chose red and green, but to try and avoid it looking Christmassy I used my lightest green, and my darkest red.

The green is Avon Arabian Glow (which I was going to throw away, but I have used twice so far in this challenge lol) and the red is Boots No 7 Temptress (technically burgundy, but that's dark red right?!). The stamp is CH14 for the all over stamp and some small roses I added to pad it out a bit. I also made it matte. I like how the shimmery green looks pearly under the dark creme red.

Tomorrow is (another) untried technique yikes! I've already done splatter, taping, and watercolour for the first time!

Make sure to have a look at what others have done!


  1. These are a delicate tapestry!

    1. Thank you Tina they remind me of fabric, I'm thinking of doing something a little like this for 'Inspired by a fabric' but I have other ideas too! It's tough to choose!


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