Monday, 7 January 2013

31DC Day 7: Ombre or Skittle

Like (hopefully) some other people, I ended up getting a little confused about the differences between 'ombre' and 'gradient'. I kept thinking of ombre hair, which is very much like a gradient! However, even if this is not an ombre (shades of the colour 'rainbow' maybe?) it is definitely a skittle. So it isn't a total loss!

Anyway here are my slightly confused nails

"We're not ombre!"

 Trying out some different hand poses here. Trying to find the sweet spot!

For these nails I used (from thumb to pinky) Collection 2000 Hoola Hoop under OPI The Thrill of Brazil; Collection 2000 Fruit Loop under OPI Brights Power; an unnamed Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours (a pale Easter yellow) under OPI The 'It' Color; Avon Arabian Glow under Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City; and finally Barry M Gelly Blueberry under Revlon Royal.

I've never managed a successful gradient before. It's always been a total failure, so I usually just do glitter gradients (MUCH easier). However, as I wasn't even meant to be doing a gradient, it's moot!

Se please enjoy my ombre (shades of the rainbow) skittle manicure, and be sure to check out everyone elses too!

As always, thanks to Debbie at The Crumpet for making me aware of this challenge, and letting me join in!


  1. I love this. I got confused with this day too. I though we had to do a ombre and a skittle, so I ended up with an extra mani.


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