Thursday, 24 January 2013

31DC Day 24: Inspired By a Game

Greetings all!

Up until this morning, I was really happy with this manicure. Then I saw what some others had done for this day, and now I am super annoyed at myself. Why did I not think of doing a video game?! I love video games! The thought never even occurred to me. Why didn't it occur to me?! I guess at least I have some inspiration for future manicures. Video games has gone into the ideas book. Animal Crossing will be first,if you are interested. Heck, I could do a whole series of Animal Crossing nails (*squeal*).

So it turns out I was pretty unimaginative with today's design. Ah well,at least it was freehand. I'm always happier when I do freehand because it takes more effort! My thought process was basically " games do I like to play...?" The first idea that popped into my head was Monopoly, a favourite of mine. I used to have a phone you could play it on. I thought there was a lot I could do with Monopoly...different colours, icons, all sorts really. Enough of my babbling, here it is:

Do not pass GO, do not collect £200

Yeah, up close, this is a bit of a mess. From a normal distance, it looked OK. So we have all the Monopoly faves: dice (I was pretty proud that I freehanded a cube), the question mark from the 'Chance' card, a hotel (or house. I can never remember which is which!), a top hat (yes, it's meant to be a top hat lol) and jail. The base colours I used are meant to represent the different colour property areas.

Polishes Used: 17 Baby Blue, OPI Koala Bear-y, OPI The It Colour, Revlon Emerald, No7 Violetta, Barry M Silver Foil, W7 Black and Konad White.

Picture From Here

Did you know that you can get Nintendo Monopoly, Family Guy Monopoly, Sonic The Hedgehog Monopoly, and the one I found weirdest, ROUND Monopoly?! We live in strange times, people.

Tomorrow is more inspiration, this time from my childhood. When I played a  lot of Monopoly!

Make sure to see what others have been playing with!


  1. Ooooh el monopoly!! vaya idea me has dado!! te han quedado muy bien

    Un besito desde  ❤sɔıʇǝɯsoɔƃuıʌol❤
    Mi reto de manicuras comienza el 4 de febrero, aún puedes apuntarte!


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