Saturday, 19 January 2013

31DC Day 19: Your Favourite Polish

Greetings all!

I should have been more original with this day. I do have a lot of polishes that I really love, and don't wear enough. I have a lot of nude polishes, the colour I wear most often, either plain for work or as a base for nail art. I suppose it depends on what your definition of 'favourite' is. The polish you wear most often? The polish that is the most precious? Your favourite colour?

In the end, I chose my favourite colour polish to wear.

Since about the age of 13 (so for more than half my life!) black has been my favourite polish to wear. I used to splodge it on really badly and leave it until it was nearly all chipped off. At the time, I thought I looked awesome, like a rock star. Looking back, I'm almost ashamed! But I still love wearing it today. I can't bear to leave it plain now though! This is one coat of W7 Black, stamped with my favourite stamping polish (it's from Primark and I recently discovered it is called Mercury) and the chain image is from plate BM12. I think it reflects that really I'm still a metalhead and this is just a slightly more sophisticated version of my old chipped nails. 13 year old me would definitely approve! Oh, and of course, I made it matte, my favourite finish. No glitter though (another great love of mine!).

Tomorrow is texture. I do love texture on my nails, but they never last! I'm a picker.

Make sure to check out what other people covet the most!


  1. Ahh I love black polish, I wore black polish none stop for years. Now while I still love it I prefer it with a slight twist, see the polish I chose for my fave lol :)

    1. I also have Ophelia and find that one is very black on the nails, more so than Jane Eyre. I like your matte effect, which polish did you use? I'm on the look out for a good none streaky one.

    2. The matte top coat I use (and love) is from George at Asda. It's only £1.75 and personally I think it's brilliant! Sometimes it's on offer for £1 so I have about 10 back up bottles!

  2. Black is a great color. And I love your stamp too. Kisses.


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