Saturday, 12 January 2013

31DC Day 12: Tape Mani

Greetings all!

Today is another first for me. I have done taping like with a french manicure,but never where you paint over the whole tape then remove it. It is something I've been meaning to try for a while, so what better excuse then the 31 day challenge?!

The look I wanted to go for was like a disco star burst. I've seen other people wearing them, and they look very cool. Unfortunately when it came to painting my nails, I found it really tricky to paint the polish in a way that would allow the tape to sit really close to each other to create that 'burst' effect. Here is my attempt:

I just used the brush of the polish. I think next time I would use a nail art brush to get very thin strips of colour. I still think these are kind of cute though. And it was my first go and I am quite proud that the majority of the lines are perfect and crisp.

I started with OPI Alpine Snow, the painted on lines using the OPI Neon Mini Collection as well as a neon green from Claire's Accessories, and an unnamed bright blue that I thought would work as a neon (I was totally right!). Then I placed some striping tape over the lines, and painted on Barry M Black Multi Glitter (you can't really see the holo glitter. I think the neons were too bright and stole all the focus lol). Then I peeled the tape off once the black polish was tacky.

I will definitely be trying this technique again. I'm always intimidated by new techniques, then once I try them they are usually fairly simple and it opens up a new world of polish possibilities (Polishibilities?). I've used several new techniques so far in this challenge, and there are more to come!

Remember to have a look at what the other lovely people have created. And as ever, credit and thanks go to The Crumpet

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  1. It's really funky! I am waiting for my nail tape to come in so I can do this kind of thing a bit easier. I messed around with masking tape to do a color block mani and it was a gooey mess! Found you via this nail challenge on my morning cruise! Always awesome to find another nail blogger! :)


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