Friday, 18 January 2013

31DC Day 18: Your Oldest Untried

Greetings All!

I should start off by saying that I'm not 100% sure that either of the manicures I did for today are actually my oldest untried. Since I got into nail art about 7 months ago I have been hoarding polish like there's a shortage of it or something, and there are loads that are either completely untried, or only swatched. Before nail art, I had about a dozen polishes, all of which I've worn. So while both of these polishes were bought over the summer, it's very possible I have older untrieds lurking in my collection.

Untried polish makes me a little sad. It's as if the polish isn't getting to fulfill it's goal. I'm really determined to do something about this. I might work by brand and sort out all of my untrieds, keep them separate, and only use them for manicures. I could probably do a month of just that! What do you guys think?

Anyway, back to today. The first manicure I did, I loved in my head. Less on my nails. Even less in the pictures. I'll still show you though.

This is the gorgeous in real life Sunrise, Sunset by Sally Hansen. A lovely pinky, orangey, corally shade with a pale green shimmer. Very summery. Like a Caribbean holiday in a bottle. Turns out it really doesn't suit my skin tone . Oh, and my camera refused to acknowledge any green shimmer anywhere *sigh*.

I decided to try and save it with glitter (my default save) and picked five untried glitters. All of these are lovely, but even they could not revive these nails. If you are interested, they are:

Thumb  Barry M Amethyst Glitter
Index: OPI Show It and Glow It
Middle: China Glaze Atlantis
Ring:  China Glaze Optical Illusion
Pinkie: China Glaze Pizzazz

So I decided to do something completely different. I was rummaging through my polishes when I picked up Barry M Cappuccino. I believe this was one I bought because Barry M often has offers where you get a free polish if you spend so much, or 3 for 2 or whatever. So this was just a polish to make up the numbers. It's called Cappuccino, but when I picked it up I thought 'hmm, mushroom'. Bang! Manicure sorted.

This is 2 coats of Cappuccino (which I actually really like! It's a dull, dirty, moley, taupey, mushroomy colour  and gorgeous!). Then I freehanded a few little mushrooms with OPI The Thrill of Brazil, OPI Alpine Snow and Revlon Emerald (another untried!). I used a small nail art brush for all of it, apart from a dotting tool for the dots.

This is much better! This is my favourite kind of nail art to do (although I'm still basically a beginner lol) and I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I love that it was the polish itself that inspired the art, too.

Oh, and apologies for the cut on my finger. I work in a bakery and when you work with bread, sometimes (or quite often) the bread will cut you. True story. But I'm not going to quit the challenge because of it, so let's all just acknowledge it now, then pretend we can't see it. OK?

Tomorrow is my favourite polish. Is this one going to be surprising? No. No it is not.

Remember to check out all the little gems hidden in everyone's polish collections!


  1. I love the little mushrooms! So adorable :D I also think your ring and middle finger in the first picture accent Sally Hansen - Sunset the best.


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