Wednesday, 30 January 2013

31DC Day 30: Your Favourite Nail Art Technique

Greetings All!

I can't believe that this is the penultimate day of the challenge! One, I never thought I would get this far. Two, I'm really sad about it! I've loved being told what to do lol, it's much easier than trying to come with ideas on my own! And I've loved being part of this group. Everyone has been so lovely and supportive and inspirational.

I've already set myself another little challenge for February, to keep me motivated. Watch this space!

Today's manicure calls for me to use my favourite nail art technique. Although I love a lot of techniques (basically any that work for me lol) one immediately came to mind. This was the first technique I ever learned, and the fact that it was so easy but so effective is probably why I am still doing nail art. If it had been really tricky, I might have given up! I also love the look. So here is my favourite nail art technique.

Leopard print! I love animal print. I found a video tutorial for these last summer and they looked fairly simple, so I gave them a try. I'm so glad I did! For something so simple I think they look really gorgeous, once at work someone said they thought I was wearing nail wraps! How cool is that?! In the beginning I used to use liquid eyeliner to draw around the spots. It takes the pressure off, especially when you're new to this, because any mistakes can be wiped away without disturbing the polish. Sometimes I still do that, but not today. Today I went all out and used polish.

I also love how versatile these are. You can do them literally in any colour. Personally though this is my favourite colour combination. I call it 'metallic natural' because it's kind of leopard colours, but metallic. I actually wore these for two days because I couldn't bear to take them off!

Polishes used were: Constance Carroll Peppercorn (bronze-y), Collection 2000 Shimmey Shake (gold) and W7 Black.

Remember to check out everyone elses favourite techniques!


  1. I have honestly NEVER tried this look...... I soooooooo will try to do this sometime soon. BTW be sure to check my day 31 post tomorrow, its a little *****special....***** ;)

    1. Eeek! I'm excited now. You should try leopard print it's SO easy to do!


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