Tuesday, 29 January 2013

31DC Day 29: Inspired By a Blogger: Glitzology Swatches!

Greetings All!

Today I must be inspired by a blogger. That's a really difficult theme because without nail bloggers I wouldn't be typing this right now! In the very early days I just used to Google image search for my inspiration, but as they mostly come from blogs I soon started following people. At the moment I probably follow too many people, as there are always too many posts in my feed! I can never read them all.

There are so many people that make such fantastic nail art and are so inspirational, that I never would have been able to pick one. I decided to do something that was inspired by the blogging community as a whole.

Without bloggers, I wouldn't even know that indie polishes exist. And they all go mad for them! You aren't really a nail blogger or enthusiast until you have an indie collection! I wasn't sure to begin with. There were just so many, and I was a little skeptical as to whether they would be good quality, or just some glitter chucked into a bottle of clear polish!

Finally in December I took the plunge. I read a review on some Glitzology polishes, and I had the  etsy store bookmarked. While randomly surfing I noticed that Glitzology polishes were 50% off (it was when the world was meant to end - why not?!) so I ordered 4. They arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I've been so busy with the challenge they've been sat to one side waiting!

Stacy (the genius behind these polishes) describes All or Nothing  "This polish features fuchsia, silver, and teal holo glitter, with tons of fuchsia, teal, purple and size shreds! This has been one of my favorite colors lately because it works so well as a layering polish over so many colors!"

Not sure about the layering bit! This is how I like my glitter. If you don't look the same on the nail as you do in the bottle, we're probably not going to get on! This is 2ish coats over Barry M Blueberry (which you can't even see - result!) This was my first time with an indie polish so application was a little tricky. It stuck together a bit, so it was easier to do full coverage. Apart from that, love the colour combo, love the sparkle love the polish!

This little cutie pie is Baby Dragon. Stacy writes "The idea for this polish came from my boyfriend's nickname for me, which is Dragon. He claims that I hoard all my treasures (mostly candy) like a greedy baby dragon. This polish features fuchsia glitter, purple matte glitter, and lots and lots of fuchsia, green, and purple shreds!"

Again, full coverage in 2ish coats. I can't even remember what I layered it over! Barry M Gold, I think. You can just see a hint on the thumb. Love the name, love the pink and green together, love the coverage, love it all!

I'll show you the other 2 another day! Altogether, I really like these polishes. I need a bit of practice applying them, but that's pretty standard for glitterbombs, indie or not! If it weren't for the whole Royal Mail debacle I would be ordering more today. Stacy seems really lovely, and has a genuine passion for her polishes.

All full size polishes are 15ml, 3-free and cost $8.50 (about £5.50). She often has sales on, so it's easy to pick up a bargain! I paid $26 for all four, shipping included. You can find her etsy store here.

I bought these polishes myself, and all opinions are my own.

If you made it this far, well done! Now go and see who has been inspiring everyone else!

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