Wednesday, 23 January 2013

31DC Day 23: Inspired By Nature

Greetings all!

There was a point, when I was polishing this manicure, that I thought I might possibly have created something  new. A quick Google search informed me that I was wrong. Plenty of people had got there before me (here, here and here just for example). Probably I saw these, and the information got stored away for a later date. I do that a lot!

So these nails are inspired by nature, how exactly? Well, I was struck by how much they remind me of a pebbly beach. And when the polish has sand right there in the title, well that's kismet!

Here you can see the difference when you put polish over the glitter

So this is my Samoan Sand-wich. 2 coats of OPI Samoan Sand, 2ish coats of Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, and another very thin coat of Samoan Sand over the top. Finished with Asda matte top coat.

I love the way this totally transforms the glitter. Ibiza Mix has quite muted colours in it anyway, so it seemed perfect for this. Samoan Sand makes the glitter matte, lighter, and can even change the colour! (silver and gold become white and yellow) It really reminds me of a lovely beach full of pebbles and shells. I love that this is a completely different way to wear glitter; it's suitable for work, it's much softer and gentler than normal glitter, and it has a completely different finish. Can you tell I love this?!

I also tried it with a few other glitters (although none were quite as good as Ibiza Miz)

OPI's The Living Daylights

From thumb to pinkie: Innisfree Libra, Innisfree Aquarius, Innisfree Andromeda, W7 Multi Dazzle and Barry M SLE 2012 B

Tomorrow I must be inspired by a game...who said nail art was hard work?

Don't forget to see how others made something natural from a little bottle of chemicals!


  1. all those combos look awesome!

    1. Thank you Stella! I got a little carried away...I wanted to test ALL my glitters with Samoan Sand but I ran out of time otherwise you would have about 30 pictures lol!


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