Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Greetings All!

Yes, more nail mail. Today's haul comprised of:

OPI Liquid Sand Minis. Yes, I jumped on this bandwagon. Well, I do like texture. And I LOVE the cute little mini polishes! If I like these, I'll invest in the full sizes!

These I got from 2 joblots from the same seller on eBay. I have a real weakness for buying joblots of polish, it's cheap, you get a great mix of stuff, you get colours and shades you would never normally wear, it's like a lucky dip bag of nail polish!

And what a bag this one is! My first Essie and Orly, glow in the dark polish, a nail art polish in a VERY metallic orange, and would you just look at the rainbow coming off that Kleancolor?! I already have some more Kleancolors on the shopping list (including the one with all the star glitter...there are no words!). All in all, a pretty good haul! Look out for these in future nail art!!

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