Thursday, 24 January 2013


Greetinga all!

What, nail mail? Again? Didn't you just post some yesterday, asks no one. Yes, I did. However, today's mail is exciting. AND I won't be buying more polish until March.

This is my first package from Llarowe. It wasn't the best experience I've ever had buying nail polish, but more on that later.

Here they are, in all their shiny new loveliness

Naild It Froggy Pond and Tiger Puke. Both in the sale! Both super cute (and Tiger Puke? What a name!) I don't know much about Naild It polish, but I'm looking forward to trying these!

Lush Lacquer Halloweenie. I'm a big fan of Halloween, but last year I didn't know that indie polishes existed (probably) so I missed out on all the stunning seasonal polishes! Snagged this one in the sale! Haven't worn it, but love it already! This year, I will be far better prepared!

And Jade Holografico in Mystic Gold. I've heard a lot of good things about this polish, so I took the plunge and ordered one.It is OBSCENELY holographic (just not in this pic lol) and a gorgeous metallic gold, almost mirror-like. No doubt this will be the first one I try! This was the reason I went to Llarowe, but once I noticed the 'sale' section, I was doomed.

Onto the service. I originally ordered 5 polishes, paid for them fine, a few days later I was emailed to say they were being shipped. The next day I got a refund from Paypal from Llarowe, no detail whatsoever. When I emailed them to ask what was going on, I was told 
'Jack O Lantern (the polish I got a refund for) is a seasonal polish. Sorry!'
Seriously, that was the whole email. Now, maybe this is par for the course in the indie nail polish world, maybe they are really busy , but I was left a little unsatisfied with this. I know sometimes demand outweighs supply. I know sometimes you have to refund people's money because you don't have the product. I also know the importance of customer service. I just felt a little brushed aside, like I didn't matter. I'm considering whether I will buy from them again. Yes, they have beautiful products, but if that is typical of their customer service, I'll go elsewhere! OK rant over!

Have you ordered from Llarowe? Everyone always has nothing but good things to say! Is this because my incident is rare, or do we forgive them for what they bring to us?

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