Friday, 25 January 2013

31DC Day 25: Inspired By Your Childhood

Greetings all!

Today's theme is childhood. I wasn't really sure what to do for this. I thought of the toys I liked to play with when I was a child. They were always animal toys: cuddly toys, little plastic woodland creatures, things like that. I was a big fan of My Little Pony (the original 80s MLP, not these weird-looking things they have today. When the term 'brony' meant, I don't know, a brown pony?). I had loads, and I used to play with them for hours, brushing their hair, and having all sorts of adventures. I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about it!

Unfortunately, I'm not skilled enough to draw a My Little Pony, so I started thinking about the little icons they had on their, erm, rump. They all had their own little icon, that meant something to them. Some of the icons I remember were:
A Bubble Bath
A Rainbow

So I drew some little pictures of the sort of thing you would probably find on a Pony (you can tell I did the research!)

Grrr, my cuticles are beginning to feel the strain from this challenge! Here we have: a rainbow, some flowers, a smiling sunshine, a cupcake, and a heart. That seems like the sort of thing My Little Ponies would have, right?!

I decided to use only the base colours for the nail art, to try and make it seem like a full manicure, and not just some random nails! The colours I used were: Collection 2000 in Dynasty, Fruit Loop, Lemon Soda and Hula Hoop, and 17 Baby Blue. I used OPI Alpine Snow for the cloud. I freehanded it all with a brush and a dotting tool. I know it's quite naive, but I think that fits the theme perfectly!

A My Little Pony (from

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