Wednesday, 9 January 2013

31DC Day 9: Saran Wrap

Greetings everyone!

Today we are back to a manicure that I actually like (hooray) and the fabulous 'cling film' technique. I like nail art like this because it is so difficult to mess up, there is no right way and you don't have to be perfect!

I found the inspiration for this on a video tutorial on YouTube. You can watch the video here. I had seen a couple of pictures of tortoiseshell nails, but they all used jelly polishes so I needed something that worked with normal polishes. The first time I wore them it was a really sunny day, and they lit up and glowed like they were real tortoiseshell!

Anyway here are some pictures!

 See how they light up in the light? Amazing!

For this manicure I used: unnamed Miss Sporty (pale yellow)as the base, Boot's 17 Tigers Eye dotted about, then smudged with the cling film, same with a mix of OPI Brights Power and Barry M Chocolate Brown (to create a 'burnt sienna' colour, and then finally Collection 2000 Shadow.

I love this manicure. I think it looks so elegant, it was so easy to do, and I'm also happy I made it look like something, rather than just a mess of random colours.

As ever, big thank you's to Debbie over at The Crumpet for this challenge.

Remember to check out everyone elses!

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