Thursday, 3 January 2013

31DC Day 1: Black & White

I had been very interested in this new challenge I read about at The Crumpet, but as I have just started this blog, I thought it would be too much for me to handle. However what better way to prove to myself and others that I can do this, then going straight into a challenge?!

So here is day 1. 2 days late. Not the best start. I am determined to catch up!!

So here is day 1. W7 Black and Sally Hansen French White Tip, stamped with Cheeky plate CH6.

 I REALLY need a white stamping polish. Normally Sally Hansen works quite well, but it couldn't quite cope over black. I have added KONAD White to my shopping list!

So there we go. Not amazingly original, and I usually hand paint polka dots but I wanted to see if a stamp would give a better effect. I think it does. Nice and uniform.

Who else loves polka dots? A lovely, simple look that goes with nearly everything!


  1. Try the Sally Hansen insta-dri white, it is supposed to work really well :)

  2. Thank you! I've had an eye out for it (I know a place that does them cheap), but I haven't seen it yet. I guess I could look for it online.

    However I like that specific stamping polishes kind of take the guesswork out. I KNOW it's going to work.

  3. I have used the Sally Hansen Insta-dri white for stamping and it does well in a pinch, however, if you are not on a budget the Konad stamping white is the best. Sally just isn't quite as opaque but better than any other "non-stamping" white I have used.

  4. Welcome to the challenge! You can do it! This turned out really cute.

  5. Oh! Love this! So cute! :-)


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