Thursday, 10 January 2013

31 DC Day 10: Geometric


*sigh* This is another manicure that makes me feel 'meh', I had really high hopes for this day too. I was going to do some amazing 3D  taping thing that was going to look awesome, but I could not get the idea to translate from my head to the nail. So after about 3 attempts I quit and just did some stamping!

Only a couple of pics...that's how much I didn't like this lol

Eww, look at them! I would have done them again if I had the time.

I started with 2 coats of OPI Swedish Nude (I'm preferring this to white at the moment, it has just a hint of cream to it) then stamped on an image from BM203 with black KONAD polish. I then coloured random portions using a Models Own yellow nail art pen, Revlon Royal (blue) and OPI The Thrill of Brazil (red). I wanted to use primary colours to match the theme of simple shapes and patterns.

As you can see, the stamp didn't give 100% clean lines (or I didn't!) and I was a little sloppy with the colouring. I'm happy to admit to that. Tomorrow's manicure is much better, I promise!!

Now go look at some much nicer nail art!

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