Friday, 11 January 2013

31DC Day 11:Sp(l)atter?

Greetings everybody!

Thankfully today I have a much better manicure to show you. This was my first attempt at the straw-blowing splatter method and I am actually really happy about how it turned out! And of course, I couldn't just do a normal splatter that wasn't themed. I had to turn cling film into tortoiseshell, and I had to turn this one into blood spatter!

 Gah it's so bloody I love it!

 Looks like I...*puts on sunglasses*...nailed it.

So maybe I should explain.I actually have a degree in forensics, and  I once had to spend an afternoon throwing blood around to look at the patterns! I've also always loved Halloween, and horror films, and blood and gore and all that jazz.So as soon as I saw 'splatter' I thought 'spatter'! If I were more confident with the technique, I would have liked to do some directional blood drops, maybe some cast off. But I wasn't sure how successful blowing polish through a straw would be! This is another technique I will definitely try again!

I used OPI Alpine Snow, OPI The Thrill of Brazil, and a bendy drinking straw.

And because you have all been so well behaved, here is a pic of some similar nails I freehanded during Halloween 2012.

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