Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Black n Red - Darling Diva Polish Highway To Hell and Glitter Bunny Strawbermelon

Greetings All!

You may have noticed, I quite like black and red. Most things I own are black or red - clothes, decor, accessories, even my laptop is red (and my blog. Thought I'd put that in there!)! Most of my polish is not black and red, however. Recently I decided to treat myself to two pretty polishes that fit that description. Black and red.

Darling Diva Polish Highway To Hell is a black jelly, filled with red glitter of various shapes and sizes, some of them holographic. This is 2 easy coats over W7 Black.

I haven't had a bad DDP yet - they're always excellent quality, 'user friendly', and stunningly gorgeous! This is no exception. I didn't have to fish at all for any glitter, and even those large hexes only required minimum dabbing. It did need a thick coat of SV to even out the bumps of glitter, but that is to be expected! It's wonderfully deep and 3D looking - next time I'll try it without undies to see how it builds up. I've been wanting a black with red glitter combo. and this is a great one!

Glitter Bunny Strawbermelon is kind of the opposite - black glitter in a red jelly, along with pink sparkle. This is 3 coats with no undies.

This is the first polish I've tried from this new to me brand. As a self-confessed 'glitter bunny', I couldn't resist! The shipping was also crazy cheap, at $4.50 for the four polishes I bought (which is what, about £3? So the same as first class UK mail!). It's a really nice polish, although I admit I would prefer it with more black glitter! I might have to sandwich some in next time...
Application was very good - three coats gave full opacity, and the glitter was easy to get on. It dries fairly matte, so this has a coat of SV. The name is a cross between Strawberry and Watermelon (clever!) and I think it really suits it!

DDP is available on Etsy here, and Glitter Bunny from Big Cartel here.

So, yay! for red and black polish! What's your favourite colour combo (and is there a polish to match it!)?


  1. Lovely; Highway to Hell especially :D

    1. I'm getting a bit of an obsession with DDP, and I'm blaming you! Because of all your lovely swatches!

  2. Very pretty!! I love both of these! I would have loved to see them matte. I am sort of on a matte kick right now. I keep going through these fazes!

    1. lol as I went through the photos I thought 'why didn't I make them matte?'


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