Monday, 12 August 2013

UK Indies - The Revolutionary Nelly Polish

*These items were provided for an honest review*

Greetings All!

How often, in the nail world, do you see something you've never seen before? Not a new nail art technique, but actually a new approach to polish. Not often, right? Well today you will!

Dehydrated nail polish. What? Yes. Here in the UK we have some infuriating postage rules regarding polish. I can kind of understand the principle, because it is flammable, and it can be a dangerous solvent, but it suuucks. It limits what we can send domestically (4 bottles per parcel), and it means we can't send any polish overseas.

Enter Nelly Polish. Dehydrated polish is fine to send all over the world, as it doesn't have the same nasty, solventy capabilities. At Nelly Polish, you can buy the polish already made up, dehydrated in a bottle, or dehydrated in a sachet. You just add clear polish, and bam! You have a pretty new polish! The dehydrated version includes all the glitters, pigments, and suspension base you need, but in dried form. Like many brilliant ideas, it's fantastically simple!

I jumped at the chance to test these out! I was very kindly sent two bottles of polish to try, and share with you. AND they are black and nude! Two of my favourite polish colours (OK, it's a long list, but those are near the top!). The collection is called The Fungooms, after characters from a website for young children (her husband created it).

First up is Gumpas. This is a very sheer nude polish, with tiny black glitter, small white hexes, and slightly larger green hexes. This is 2 coats over OPI Samoan Sand, as it's probably too sheer to wear on it's own (although I'll probably try!)

I love the speckly black and white, and those gorgeous pops of green. You don't see enough nude glitter sandwich polishes (well, I don't). This is almost work-appropriate for me, so I'll probably get a lot of wear out of it. It's supposed to dry satin/matte, but it wasn't nearly matte enough for my liking so I just used topcoat over it. It did apply really well though, with a good glitter dispersal. I personally would have liked a bit more green though!

Next up is Mena, which is described as "a rich black jelly, with lavender holo and copper rose glitter". Erm, yes please! This is 2 coats over W7 Black.

This is fabulous! It looked a bit sheer, but I think you could build it up in three coats or so. It has a stunning depth, and just the right amount of glitter peeking through the black. LOVE this one, so much. Again, no problems with application, but it also wasn't matte enough for me (apparently I'm all or nothing!) so I made it super shiny with SV.

Nelly polish is available here in all it's forms. I haven't tried mixing it up myself, but I'm very tempted to! The dehydrated versions can be shipped worldwide, so if you fancy owning a UK indie, here's your chance!


  1. Such a brilliant idea and the polishes look great! x

    1. It's a fab idea! Lol I like them - I've also got my eye on the green one.

  2. These look super - and what a good idea! I like the look of the green one too :D

    1. I think I'll get it in dehydrated form next time, to see if it really works!


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