Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sun-Tried-Day - Starrily Candy Shop, Cosmos Dark Matter and Rockstar

Greetings All!

Yeah, I'm still bringing out the indies! I came across this brand when I asked Tara from TarasTalons which indie brands she liked. The girl has good taste! I ummed and ahhed and went away and came back and in the end I picked these three to come and live with me. Let's dive straight in!

Candy Shop is like a big bottle of awesome! It has all kinds of colours and shapes of glitter, some matte, some shiny, some neon - you get something new with every swipe! This is three thick coats over W7 Black.

What can I say, really? It's like some sort of glorious glitter explosion on my nails! It was a little sparse - you have to build it up quite a bit, but then you get a wonderful depth of glitter as all the little pieces sit on top of each other. There are hearts, hexes, dots, squares and tiny little bars. It's pretty close to polish perfection (no stars though). It looks pretty stunning over black, but I can also see it working with all kinds of pale colours.

Cosmos Dark Matter is a really cute little glitter. This is 2 coats over Barry M Grey.

With hindsight, I maybe should have used a slightly lighter grey. I wanted the black to show up well, but I still wanted the colours to pop a bit, and for the iridescent/holographic/whatever it is shimmer to be apparent. I love the combination of black, and the teeny tiny little rainbow glitters. So cute! Again, this is probably pretty versatile, so long as you stay away from the shades of the rainbow glitter (I think a bright, juicy pink would look amazing).

Finally, Rockstar. The picture of this was quite different to what I received (the pic had waaay more glitter in it), and I had the hardest time finding a colour to put it over. I swatched it over 10 different colours on a piece of paper, but none of them were quite right! In the end I settled for 2 coats over Barry M Raspberry.

I want to love this, I really do. I don't know if it's the hassle of choosing a colour, the picture that wasn't quite accurate, or what, but something just isn't quite doing it for me. I really wanted to wear this over black, but I would lose the black glitter. I think next time I will anyway! The stars came out very easily though. The iridescent squares are also very pretty, and very golden. It has a lot of good points. It's just...further testing is needed.

You can buy Starrily polishes on Etsy. Be warned though, there's so much pretty going on over there, it's borderline obscene!


  1. Wow these are gorgeous!
    Love your blog, you got a new follower here :)

  2. I like the first two, but the last one looks tricky......... I'm not sure what I would pair it with either!

    1. Well heck, if you don't're like a colour combo queen, so now I don't feel so bad lol

  3. Replies
    1. Lol aren't they?

      And they have so much more loveliness available - it was really hard picking these three out!


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